Creative Ideas for Little Boys’ Bedrooms

Decorating kids’ rooms are some of the most fun projects any designer or homeowner can have. You can get wildly creative with these rooms and let the kid inside you come out to play. There really are no limits to what you can do in a kids’ room. Today, I wandered the internet for 10 inspiring little boys’ rooms that any little boy is sure to love. Everything from automobiles to space to pirates are represented in these super cool and creative bedrooms. Besides just great theming, these creative little boys’ bedrooms also have smart space planning so mom and dad can appreciate the organization, as well.

A little boy who can’t wait to grow up and have his own truck would certainly love this bedroom. An old truck body was recycled and used to create this super cool bed. The fake garage facade behind it finishes it all off.

The amazing Calvin & Hobbes wall mural brings a lot of whimsy to this adorable yet simple little boys’ room. He’ll love having his own indoor treehouse, complete with a slide to make getting out of bed fun.

What little boy wouldn’t love having his own little secret hideaway? This nautical bedroom has one incredible architectural feature any kid (and adult) will be in awe of.

For a little pirate, this beautifully crafted bed is designed to look like a pirate ship and comes with storage below that mom is sure to appreciate.

A little athlete can practice shooting hoops in his bedroom on rainy days.

If your little boy dreams of being an aviator, he’ll love a bedroom equipped with a hanging plane and other aviation-inspired decor.

Or if he dreams of being an astronaut, having the galaxy behind his bed in the form of a wall mural is sure to delight him.

While not specifically themed like some of the other rooms, this one takes clever advantage of the space with a bunk bed full of storage while still leaving plenty of floor room for playing.

A Little League player should feel right at home in this baseball-themed bedroom, complete with an amazing close-up of a baseball as a wall mural.

Four little boys can enjoy this grungy auto inspired bedroom. The truck cabin and engine are perfect hiding spots with comfy cushions inside.

Do you know a little boy who would go wild over one of these rooms?

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