Backyard Art: Modern Landscape Architecture

An outdoor space can be one of the most challenging to design because each one is different. I have written a few posts on outdoor decor, such as how to create shade, ideas for outdoor lighting, and how to bring elegance to an outdoor space. For some homeowners, taking a modern minimalist approach is more their style, so I’ve gathered 10 ideas and tips that can help out anyone looking for a modern approach to outdoor spaces. This includes spaces with very little upkeep that look more like a work of art than most traditional backyards. They are peaceful, zen, and totally unique.

The bench divides this backyard into two sections which flow nicely into each other. A modern water fountain offers some serenity that can be enjoyed in both areas.

A simple, inexpensive way to add some modern flair to your backyard is through pebbles and well-placed stepping stones. It looks great and requires very little upkeep.

You can get very creative with stone tiles, as seen in this backyard checkerboard made of tiles and grass to create a nice sitting area.

What looks like a modern sculpture can hide a water fountain or fireplace outside. The large stone tiles mimic the feature and don’t rid the space of all its grass.

To create a minimalist outdoor space, all you need is a bench, some large stone tiles, pebbles, and a cool feature such as a fire pit. This is a great idea for small spaces.

This outdoor space looks like it had a goal of natural but modern. The modern elements blend seamlessly with nature, even down to the cool water fountain appearing to pour into the earth.

Even a traditional Spanish style home can incorporate some modern landscape architecture, as seen in these giant stone tiles.

Besides the traditional square tiles, these rectangular ones make for a really cool modern path in this zen garden.

This backyard focuses entirely on the cool plant life and foregoes any grass with pebbles in its place. The set-up is very modern with everything meticulously laid out in squares.

If you want a place to chill with zero upkeep, then a modern patio like this could be perfect for you, including a water feature and fire pit.

Would you ever consider a modern approach like this to your own backyard?

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