2023 Design Trends You’ll Want to Try

A new year brings the feeling of a fresh start. While many of us are feeling inspired to reset with goals and resolutions, we’ll also be looking for ways to upgrade our space. It’s always exciting to anticipate which home decor themes we’ll be spotting in the new year, and how we might pull inspiration.

If you’re anything like me, you probably find it fascinating to keep up with up-and-coming trends in the interior design world. I love seeing how certain styles come and go, and how old familiar trends start to come back around. I hope you enjoy these 2023 design trends I’ll be sharing today.

Nostalgic Comfort

A shot of a kitchen with retro design elements, highlighting nostalgic comfort.

The first trend I’m looking forward to seeing in 2023 is nostalgic comfort. These retro styles seem to be something so many of us can enjoy. I really love the thought of highlighting trends of the past in current design, and how this can bring back sweet memories. It might even seem like you’re taking a step back into your grandmother’s home. Of course, there will most likely be a visible balance between older decor and more modern elements.

Wellness-Focused Spaces

A shot of a seating area in the home, overlooking an outdoor pool.

Fostering wellness in the home is an idea that has been on the rise for some time now, but this year it might look a little different than your average home gym. There are many ways self-care can show up in a home’s design and even its architecture. For some, it might be a room dedicated to practicing mindfulness and meditation. This trend is all about incorporating healthier living into our everyday environment.

Color and Pattern Play

A colorful living room with bright furniture and bold patterns, showing off 2023 design trends.

Another thing we’re going to be seeing a lot if in 2023 is color! As trends come and go, it seems like we’re ready to veer away from strictly neutral color palettes throughout the home. I’m excited to see how more vibrant color is incorporated in various patterns and fabrics. I also like how the right pattern can make a room feel entirely brand new. This is a great way to bring new life to a room you’re ready to change up.

Sustainable Pieces

A cabinet with a large circular mirror above, showing off sustainable design pieces.

More and more consumers are looking for eco-friendly options, which will be reflected throughout the home. I enjoy this trend because it’s always interesting to see how different furniture pieces might be upcycled or reimagined. Plus, we’re going to be seeing more natural, “green” materials in use. This one is all about investing in products that are well-made and will last a long time. It’s wonderful to think about the impact this trend has on reducing waste.

Curved Designs

A living room with a round chair and cushion seated in front of a coffee table.

Curves and all kinds of rounded shapes will be having even more of a moment in 2023. Think rounded couches, circular chairs, cushions, and rugs. There’s something calming about using these arcs in a home’s interior. I do think this look promotes relaxation and soft energy. This trend is pleasing to the eye, and will be on the more popular side of what we see this year.

Emphasis on the Dining Room

A dedicated dining area with a table and chairs inside a dark-colored room.

A growing amount of people are looking to prioritize entertaining in the home, which is why we’re going to be seeing a rebirth of the dedicated dining room. It’s more intimate, and it keeps things cozy for hosting. With that, we’re going to see less of a focus on open-concept designs and kitchen seating. This trend is really a sign of the times, showing how we’re looking to spend more quality time with the ones we love.

A Touch of Art Deco

A foyer area with an art deco mirror and table.

Much like the nostalgic comfort, the art deco trend will be a trip into the past. It might seem overwhelming to start bringing art deco pieces into your home, but there are many lovely ways to do it. What I love about this trend is that we can really play into vibrant jewel tones and geometric shapes. This is a great way to make a bold statement in your home and lean into a fun maximalist style.

Don’t these 2023 design trends make you want to refresh your home? It’s hard for me to choose a favorite when they’re all so stunning. If you’re looking for more inspiring home decor, you can check out this home tour, or take a look at these custom closet ideas.

I hope you have a wonderful time ringing in the new year!