Earthy Chic: Rustic Dining Room Tables

Big, rustic wood tables always look like they have a great story behind them. They have been around for centuries so it’s easy to feel like every one you see may have been found in some abandoned farmhouse or estate. They’re timeless. The other cool thing about these tables is that they are really versatile in design. You don’t have to pair wood chairs with them and go with a country flair (unless you want to). Rustic dining room tables can add character to almost any space’s style, including contemporary and modern spaces. They instantly add warmth and charm wherever they are placed, making them a great element to ground a space and make it feel like home. Check out these 10 inspiring ideas for rustic dining room tables…

The juxtaposition of the rustic, unfinished table with the sophisticated chairs and chandelier gives this dining room a lot of character and intrigue.

Adding some rustic flair to a space filled with minimalist elements can help bring some warmth to a space that risks becoming too cold.

Another example of mixing modern, minimalist chairs with a rustic table to balance both warmth and simplicity.

The rattan chairs look great with this big, chunky table and the modern light fixture is an unexpected element amid all the natural, rustic furniture.

A shiny finish on a bulky wood table is a great way to dress it up for a traditional dining room while still versatile for casual meals.

Benches are a fun alternative seating option for a rustic wood table, giving the space a comfortable and casual appeal.

These white, super modern chairs create a beautiful contrast against the bulky, rustic wood table for a space that is clean but definitely not boring.

Not all dining room chairs have to match. This designer mixed elegant, traditional white chairs with a more unique chair to add a lot of character to the space.

Bulky, rustic tables can definitely have a lot of elegance. By pairing it with these lovely chairs and all the antique details in the space, this room looks like it has a lot of stories to tell.

The traditional tufted chairs look beautiful and elegant with this big rustic dining room table.

Do you have a rustic dining room table that has a story behind it?

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