Gallery Wall Inspiration for Your Home

Have some blank space in your home you’re trying to fill? There are many ways to get creative this year, and I’m a huge fan of having fun with gallery walls. They’re stylish and make your space feel cohesive and intentional. I also love that they’re incredibly easy to put together. With a little bit of gallery wall inspiration and planning, you can add so much personality to your home. So, if you’re looking to add some art to your living space or bedroom, look no further!

Explore Art Styles

A look at some modern gallery wall inspiration in a home.

Your first step to creating a stylish gallery wall is deciding on a style. While you have a lot of flexibility with the images you choose to hang, pieces that are complimentary in some way will look the best. You can add variety by using different subjects, like landscapes or portraits. My suggestion is to choose an art style that you love and use the room to highlight your personal taste.

Play With Frames

A gallery wall with mismatched frames around the art.

Frames are a great way to add interest and personality to a gallery wall. You don’t have to have them all look the same, so try mixing it up with different sizes and shapes. You can even throw in some unconventional frames. I like the idea of using both thin frames and wider, more intricate options like the ones seen above.

Patterns and textures in your frames can be fun when used on your gallery wall. Just make sure there’s enough contrast between them so they don’t compete too much with each other.

Mix Shapes and Sizes

A living room with artwork hanging above the seating area.

Using different shapes and sizes in your art can make the room feel much more visually appealing. I think this is the key to making your choices look intentional. Try choosing one or two larger pieces, and then see how you might incorporate a few smaller ones. You can also play around with both straight and curved edges. For example, I love throwing in a circular element to keep things exciting.

Add Other Elements

A gallery wall with framed art and additional elements like hanging macrame.

Speaking of different elements, this is where things get really fun. When creating your gallery wall, you don’t have to be limited to framed art. You can add other elements like mirrors, plants, or shelves. These pieces are another way to play up the visual interest. There are several ways to explore this idea, just make sure that whatever you choose looks seamless and not mismatched with the rest of your room. I personally enjoy the contrast of framed pieces and non-framed items, like the macrame seen above.

Frame Your TV

A gallery wall in a home, framed around the TV.

One of the easiest ways to create a gallery wall is by framing your TV. This is a great focal point, and it can make your living area that much more lively. I like that you have a clear center to your gallery wall, and your job is to just work around it. This can help make the room feel more complete, and every time you’re watching TV you can sit back and admire your creativity.

Try Different Arrangements

A gallery wall is seen behind a seating area with a table.

I think the most enjoyable part of creating a gallery wall is deciding how to arrange your pieces on the wall. If you’re not sure how you want to do this, keep trying until the layout feels natural to you. Your grouping can be done however you like, so keep playing around with different placements. I love mapping out where I want each piece to go beforehand by laying them out and taking photos. This is a great way to see what appeals most to your eye.

Aren’t these gallery wall ideas lovely? I love the process of choosing art that speaks to me and finding ways to incorporate it into my home’s design. You can use this gallery wall inspiration for your own home, but I’m sure you’ll come up with something even more unique to your individual style. So get ready to get creative!

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