Fall/Winter 2013: Fashion Trends To Inspire Home Decor

It’s time for another Fashion/Interior Decor post. Fall/winter runways have had some really inspiring trends this year. So many of them can easily be translated into home decor to produce beautiful results. I’ve chosen the 6 most popular, but if you are looking for some inspiration for your home outside of the norm, try searching through the hundreds of runway photos on fashion sites to give you a new perspective and ideas on design. Fashion designers are always trying to think of the next big thing, so you may spot a great idea for home decor in their archives before anyone else catches on.

To get you started, here are 6 of the most popular fashion trends from the fall/winter runways with correlating home designs.

TARTAN PLAID has made a comeback on the runway this season and is a perfect pattern for holiday decor. It gives a nice classic punch to a table setting, stockings, pillows, or even a side chair.

PLEATS have been ruffling up the runway with their whimsical flair. The pleated look goes great with chairs. You can find many pleated slipcovers to give your dining room chairs, sofa, or arm chair a fresh look.

ACADEMIC looks are in style with classic patterns such as tweed and pinstripes. The style is very tailored and clean, as seen in this tweed bed.

WINTER WHITE is a sophisticated staple for the season. There are myriad ways to incorporate this into your home, as white goes with just about anything. Even a faux fur throw or pillow is a nice touch.

LEATHER is a recurring trend this year. It’s a timeless material that looks great throughout a home. It shines on both larger pieces and smaller accents, such as an ottoman or bar stools.

GRAY continues to find popularity with its subdued, classic appeal. This color is a great contemporary choice for walls and a soothing palette for any room, especially a bedroom.

Has fashion ever inspired anything in your home?

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Spring 2013 Trends: Fashion to Inspire Decor

I started a series of posts I call Fashion & Interior Decor which I kicked off with 2012’s fall fashion trends that could easily translate to interior decor and explained how to use them to inspire you. There are so many sources to take inspiration from for your home decor and fashion is one of the BEST. Interior design and fashion are closely related because it’s all about creating a style of self-expression using color, textures, fabrics, and accessories. Looking to trends in fashion can give you some fresh ideas you may not have thought of. With spring just around the corner (March 20th, to be exact) it is time for a new round of fashion trends. Green, the proclaimed color of 2013 is incredibly versatile color that can be kept in mind while looking through these new spring trends.

Marc Jacobs / Celerie Kemble

BLACK AND WHITE is the most classic color combination and it’s trending in fashion this spring. Its contrast can be sophisticated, funky, feminine or masculine depending on the style of furniture and the accents that are paired with it. It pretty much goes with everything, so your creativity is the limit.

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti / Tracy Murdock

STRIPES are another classic design element that never goes out of style. They are best in small spaces or on an accent wall. They do wonders to make a low ceiling seem taller and give a space that little extra something it may be missing.

Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti / Studio M

FLORALS are a lovely way to add elegance and femininity to a room, especially a bedroom. There are a multitude of patterns and colors to choose from. Depending on what you like, they can be a great focus of a room or simply an accent.

Nina Ricci / Studio Karin

PASTELS are a true mark of spring and were all over the runway this season. They are soft, soothing colors that are beautiful choices for any space where you would like to go to feel relaxed and refreshed.

Hope you are feeling inspired!

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