Wellness Rooms: Unwinding at Home

Whether or not you actively keep up with design trends, you may have noticed there’s been more and more focus on wellness in the home. With that, there’s been a rise in what are known as wellness rooms. What “wellness” looks like can vary from person to person, and it doesn’t mean your traditional home gym.

Now, we’re seeing more of a shift toward prioritizing mental health and less of an emphasis on physical fitness alone. It’s not about pushing yourself toward a workout goal, but a place that’s more therapeutic. This requires being intentional with how our space makes us feel. It’s all about taking time to truly rest and unplug.

What are Wellness Rooms?

Some common themes and wellness items can be found in a wellness room, but the type of space you create can be highly personal. A wellness room is simply an area that’s more conducive to our overall health. This could mean anything from a fitness space, meditation area, or dedicated hobby room. At the end of the day, it should be where you go to refresh and just feel good!

Wellness Room Inspiration

A wellness room with a bench for seating and plants surrounding the area,

One thing to take into consideration for a wellness room is seating. Having a comfortable place to lounge is important for comfort and deep relaxation. The room seen above is a perfect example of what this kind of room might look like. I love the greenery and earthy decor elements that are displayed throughout the room. I also enjoy the use of a calming color palette.

A wellness room with a yoga mat and workout equipment. There is a window looking out into an outdoor meditation space.

How lovely would it be to have a yoga or pilates session in a space like this? While it doesn’t have to be all about physical fitness, a wellness room might still include space for movement. I adore the setup of this room and the view out the window. It’s key to think about nurturing yourself on a holistic level and prioritize that feeling of zen above all else.

An art studio with an art easel and chair.

It’s absolutely necessary to take time for the activities that bring you joy, which is why a hobby room can also be considered a wellness room. The idea of having an art studio is perfect for artists. Think about what you enjoy, and how you might do more of it in your home. When you have the space to express your creative passions, there is no better way to unwind.

A wellness porch with pillows on the ground for seating.

Incorporating the outdoors for some fresh air is great for taking care of yourself. This could be a place where you can simply sit and listen to the birds chirping, or cozy up while reading a favorite book. Connecting with nature is always a great way to feel at ease. The image above is a wonderful example of creating an open space that’s versatile.

Designing Your Own

Now you might be interested in creating your very own wellness room, but where should you begin? One great tip is to think about all five senses when you’re designing the space. You want it to be a space where you can be present and take it all in. Maybe this means scented candles, plants, or soft blankets that keep you comfortable. You might even consider keeping it a technology-free zone, where your notifications are far away.

I think it’s a beautiful idea for us to create more time and space to take those much-needed breaks. Ask yourself how you really want to spend your time. What helps you to feel the most restored? Then, use this space to cultivate that feeling. It’s essential to find peace and comfort in your own home. What kind of wellness room would you love to design?