Vintage Decor Inspiration Round-Up

Love look of vintage decor? Here is a big round-up of charming vintage decor round-up.

Infusing your decor with a vintage touch is a surefire way to add character to any space. The idea of vintage decor can have many different meanings depending on who you’re talking to, which is why it can help make a space feel more like your own. It’s all in how you interpret it.

You have centuries upon centuries of inspiration to pull from. There is a charm in every era that is unique to it and even more versatility within that. The inspiration is truly endless. Here are 5 posts that offer some for every room in the home.

modernmeetsvintage01Spaces Where Modern Meets Vintage
When put together, the contrasts in modern and vintage styles can create spaces that are unexpected. Vintage elements bring character and charm while modern elements supply a clean, tailored look. These spaces often have a very eclectic vibe that looks completely unique to the home. These 10 spaces show how inspiring mixing modern and vintage elements can be.

10 Beautifully Updated Vintage-Style Kitchens | HomeandEventStyling.com10 Beautifully Updated Vintage-Style Kitchens
The kitchen is one of the best places to mix the old and new. There are so many classic elements to play with, from the appliances and the fixtures to the cabinet doors. It’s easy to pick and choose what will work best for you to create a totally unique look. These 10 vintage-style kitchens have struck that perfect balance that is inspiring for anyone looking to do the same.

vintageappliances01What’s Old is New Again: Retro Appliances
Retro appliances have made a huge comeback, bringing loads of character to kitchens in a variety of styles. They are that adorable punch of personality that is unexpected. These ten kitchens are full of character thanks to a touch of history and timeless style ─ and their versatility shows that this retro look can fit into any design style with ease.

baroque05Modern Day Baroque Decor
The glamour of the Baroque is hard to mistake. It harnesses a classic beauty that can add a touch of charm to any space, often regardless of the main style present in the room. Even one piece in Baroque style can add a lot of character. Take a look at these modern examples of Baroque decor to get an idea of how timeless and inspiring this style truly is.

neworleans10Getting the New Orleans Style
New Orleans has its own rich, unique history that is prevalent along the streets and inside the buildings. The French influence is part of what gives it so much character, along with the inspiring sense of self-expression and individualism. Whether you want to dive fully into the style or just want to mix in some of the general flavor, these ten spaces will provide you with some inspiration.

There is something vintage that can inspire even the most avid modernist if you look hard enough. After all, everything is inspired by something that came before it.

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