Modern Day Baroque Decor

Baroque style originated in Rome, Italy in the 17th century and spread throughout most of Europe. Its ornate, highly detailed look inspired paintings, sculptures, and architecture that still has a relevant place in design today. Its dramatic elegance has inspired other styles (such as Rococo), but its original form is still a popular aesthetic found in contemporary spaces.

The glamour of the Baroque is hard to mistake. It harnesses a classic beauty that can add a touch of charm to any space, often regardless of the main style present in the room. Even one piece in Baroque style can add a lot of character. Take a look at these modern examples of Baroque decor to get an idea of how timeless and inspiring this style truly is.

This eye-catching piece stuns in an entryway.

Small details like these white doorknobs are a great touch of Baroque style.

Little else is needed in this bathroom with such an extravagant vanity.

Here’s a fabulous way to display your favorite shoes in style.

Though the mirror matches the wall, the incredible detail immediately catches your eye.

The Baroque-style bed is feminine and whimsical in this pretty space.

A glossy black mirror contrasts stylishly against bright yellow walls.

Just a touch of the ornate in the mirrors adds some dimension to this otherwise simple space.

The large mirror fits this entryway perfectly for a stunning first impression.

baroque10A gold Baroque frame with a chalkboard center is a perfect example of mixing the old with the new.

It’s easy to fall in love with the timeless beauty of one of the world’s most memorable artistic movements. Every home could use a touch of the Baroque.

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