10 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens

The words ‘charming’ and ‘farmhouse’ are practically interchangeable because the farmhouse style is full of so much character. It is one of those classic looks that never goes out of style and finds new life with every generation. Even within the style, there are so many interesting places you can take it to make it your own. It is surprisingly versatile, whether you want to go deeply rustic or more modern. Sometimes, just a few farmhouse elements can bring that character and warmth you are looking  for. Here are 10 broad examples of farmhouse kitchens to give you some ideas of how versatile and inspiring this style can be.

10 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens | HomeandEventStyling.comThis farmhouse kitchen captures the traditional essence of the style with rustic wood floors and traditional cabinets, but does so in an elegant manner.

10 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens | HomeandEventStyling.comA minimalist approach was taken with this farmhouse kitchen, letting the white-washed wood beams and open cabinetry influence the style.

10 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens | HomeandEventStyling.comDark wood gives this kitchen a rich finish, elevating the farmhouse touch to a more sophisticated but still comfortable atmosphere.

10 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens | HomeandEventStyling.comNothing says ‘farmhouse’ like a farmhouse sink. Subway tiles and traditional cabinets give it a chic spin.

10 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens | HomeandEventStyling.comDifferent tones of woods all come together harmoniously in this warm, rustic kitchen.

10 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens | HomeandEventStyling.comFarmhouse might not be your first reaction when you see this kitchen, but the wood beams and cabinet styles influence a farmhouse touch.

10 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens | HomeandEventStyling.comMint green cabinets give this farmhouse kitchen a retro flair that makes it unique.

10 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens | HomeandEventStyling.comThe bar stools are an excellent touch of character to bring into this modernized farmhouse kitchen.

10 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens | HomeandEventStyling.comThe wood beam and beadboard add a bit of farmhouse charm to this black and white kitchen, giving it some depth and personality.

10 Charming Farmhouse Kitchens | HomeandEventStyling.comA weathered wood table was a perfect addition to this kitchen for extra seating or work space.

As one of the most beloved styles, farmhouse kitchens aren’t likely to go out of style any time soon.

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