Stylish Ideas For Wallpapered Closets

Every girl has her idea of a dream closet. While we may not all be able to afford a celebrity-sized closet, we can add some decorative details to our own that will make it more special. One great way to do this is by adding wallpaper to it. Most people leave their closets in the white paint it came in, but by doing something as simple as hanging wallpaper you can transform the space into something totally unique. It’s inexpensive and a project that you can do on your own. While I wouldn’t suggest this for a house that is going on the market anytime soon, it is a fun way to personalize a closet you plan to have for a little while. Here are some wallpapered closet ideas to inspire you.

A pop of blue in a lovely pattern brightens this tiny closet. It was so inspired to add the same pattern to the insets of the doors.

Gold wallpaper gives this walk-in closet a chic edge, peaking out from the all white built-ins.

By choosing a neutral floral pattern, the wallpaper is a subtle hint of design that makes this closet feel more special.

Just a hint of pattern takes this closet up a notch, giving it some character and visual interest.

If you can draw your eye away from those beautiful shoes, you’ll notice a large print floral pattern that brings some softness to the closet.

Instead of just a plain periwinkle, the subtle pattern adds an extra something to this in-room closet to set it apart.

Wallpaper doesn’t just have to go inside the closet – another savvy design idea is to put it on the front of the doors. A stencil can capture the same effect, too.

Light blue cabinets make a sweet pairing with a light pink wallpaper and pink accents in this feminine closet.

Would you ever consider adding wallpaper to your own closet?

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