10 Tips For Staging A Balcony

Outdoor spaces are a coveted feature in a home. Most people are looking for that private space where they can go to relax and enjoy some fresh air. A balcony can be a great draw to a home on the market and give it that edge over the competition, so it is important to stage it well so buyers can see the potential in the space. Even the smallest balcony can be considered an asset, it is all in how you decorate and represent it. It doesn’t take a lot to spruce up a balcony and make it the inviting space that will delight buyers. Color, decor, and creativity will help bring a balcony to life in an affordable and easily achievable way. Here are 10 tips for staging a balcony.

1. Choose furniture that suits the style and space of the balcony, like this corner table that fits right into the angle.

2. You don’t have to spend a lot to dress up a balcony. Use an old table that fits the space and cover it with a colorful tablecloth to add style.

3. Use indoor decor elements outside such as weather-friendly art, an outdoor rug, and durable pillows.

4. For an outdoor space with high privacy walls, you can take advantage of one of the walls and save space by placing a bench against it with a cushion and comfortable pillows.

5. To inspire buyers of the time they could spend out on the balcony, set the stage with a couple of coffee cups or wine glasses and plates.

6. Think outside the box for furniture. These crates turned on their side make charming seating when adorned with outdoor pillows and a rug.

7. A freestanding hammock can help buyers imagine themselves relaxing on the balcony, enjoying it as their very own retreat.

8. A pop of color will add character and vibrancy to an outdoor space, taking it up that extra notch.

9. Potted plants always do great at adding life to a space, especially if the balcony has an urban view with little of its own greenery.

10. If your balcony faces the rising or setting sun, an umbrella can help bring shade to the space and make it more comfortable.

These tips for staging a balcony can help you create a space that is memorable and inviting.

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