A Touch of Character: Bedroom Chandeliers

When people think of chandeliers, they usually imagine one hanging in a beautiful dining room. What they don’t always expect is how amazing one can look in a bedroom. They can serve to add a touch of glamour or character to the space. They don’t have to just be something fancy, either ─ in fact, there are a range of options to choose from to suit any style of decor. It’s a great feature to add to a bedroom to give it that extra something that will catch your eye and make the space feel finished and little more special. Here are some inspiring bedroom chandeliers that will demonstrate how fabulous they can be.

A draped black chandelier fits into the contemporary landscape of this bedroom and draws your eye up to the tall ceilings.

This crystal chandelier blooms from the ceiling, giving this bedroom an elegant touch without overwhelming the simple space.

The dreamy feminine quality of this bedroom is captured perfectly in the stunning chandelier at the center of it.

The old world charm of this classic chandelier lends itself to the vintage yet streamlined vibe of this bedroom.

The large chandelier fits the style of the space like a glove, adding to the casual elegance of it.

Here is another chandelier that draws your eye up to tall ceilings and the great architectural details that are the beams.

For a plain space, the right chandelier can add a pop of personality that can bring a lot of charm as seen with this funky light fixture.

For a room with a lot of history, a chandelier that captures the era the house was built in is a great way to preserve that history without making it feel outdated.

A teen girl’s bedroom is given a touch of glam with this fabulous art deco chandelier.

An interesting chandelier can add a ton of character to a space, as seen in this cool modern bedroom.

The right chandelier can be exactly what a bedroom needs to take it to the next level.

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