Fire & Water: Inspiring Bathroom Fireplace Ideas

One of the most popular bathroom upgrades is a fireplace, especially in colder climates during the winter months. Not only do fireplaces serve the very useful function of bringing literal warmth to a space, they also add warmth to the overall design. It’s an extra luxury that increases the feeling of relaxation and helps any bathroom feel more like a much-needed escape. There are many ways to incorporate a fireplace into a bathroom, large or small, whether you would like it to be a focal point or blend seamlessly into the design. Whatever your preference, here are some inspiring bathroom fireplace ideas that can help you decide how to incorporate this amazing feature into your bathroom.

A beautiful tub and fireplace are the focal point of this elegant bathroom, placed right between the two vanities. The unique tile work pulls all the colors together, while the decor makes the space feel warm and inviting.

A simple fireplace over the tub is modest and blends in with the modern design, offering some warmth and ambiance during the winter months.

This serene bathroom has an added touch of relaxation with the addition of a fireplace nestled into a wall that’s fashioned similar to a mantel, complete with a shelf for decor.

A stunning bath tub extends from the hearth of a traditional fireplace complete with a mantel, giving the entire feature a grand and luxurious effect.

The unique fireplace in this sleek dark gray bathroom adds some architectural interest to the space.

Natural stone around a burning fireplace creates an aura of warmth and relaxation, perfect for a rustic bathroom oasis.

This spacious bathroom manages to feel cozy with the use of a fireplace boasting an eye-catching border, a bench to hold things such as towels and a tray for breakfast, and a colorful area rug.

A pop of green tile around the fireplace adds a splash of color in this bathroom, while its impressively tall mantel adds some captivating architectural detail that turns this fireplace into a fabulous focal point.

An antique fireplace perched on a marble hearth brings some character to this almost all-white bathroom.

This fireplace serves as a divider between the master bedroom and the bathroom suite and is even visible from both sides.

Does your dream bathroom include a cozy fireplace?

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