DIY Wedding Decor Using Fabric & Curtains

No matter where you are holding your wedding reception, whether it’s on the beach, in your parents’ backyard, or in a banquet hall, you can transform any space into a beautiful setting without spending a fortune. With a little creativity, you can create the wedding of your dreams and still stay within your budget, even if it’s in a utilitarian banquet hall that looks to be the opposite of a fairy tale at first. One of the best ways to do this is with fabric or curtains. If you shop smart, you can get the materials inexpensively and adorn the space with them yourself with the help of some friends and family. Another great thing is that they are totally customizable ─ whether you want to stay classic with white or sheer, or go colorful with something bold. It’s up to you! Here are some tips and ideas to get your creativity flowing.

 A gazebo wrapped in curtains & Christmas lights
(Photo via Chesterfield Fence & Deck)

Christmas lights wrapped in fabric for an elegant ceiling
(Photo via Total Events Management)

Outdoor canopy made from two-tone draped fabric
(Photo via Intimate Weddings)

Aisle draped in fabric, Christmas lights and flowers
(Photo via Weddings by Lilly)

A trellis made fabulous with curtains & flowers
(Photo via Ceremony Blog)

Shabby chic windows flanking draped two-tone curtains
(Photo via 100 Layer Cake)

A very simple wedding made beautiful with brightly colored fabric & curtains
(Photo via Perfect Florida Beach Wedding)

Simple white chairs with burlap bows
(Photo via Craft Gossip)

Simple two-tone curtain structure for a lovely reception entrance
(Photo via Bridal Guide)

Knot pretty ribbons on the back of chairs and leave them long enough to hang
(Photo via Confetti Day Dreams)

•  Check out this step-by-step tutorial on How to Hang Tulle with Lights.
•  To cover walls with curtains, attach long curtain rods just below the ceiling and hang curtain panels of your choosing.
 Drape curtains from columns by attaching them with tacks or a staple gun to the top of each column.
•  Drape or wrap a trellis in fabric and adorn with (optional) Christmas lights, flowers, etc.
 To adorn a ceiling in fabric, string wire from one side of the room to the other and drape panels of fabric over it. Secure the fabric to the walls with tacks or nails.
  Always check with your venue about their decoration policies in case they have special fire codes or regulations against staples or nails in the walls or ceilings.

For more amazing ideas for all kinds of weddings, check out my boards on Pinterest!

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Wear Designers to Events – On a Budget

Ladies, we know how important it is to look great and make a good impression at a special event, right? We also know that spending a lot of money on a dress you may only wear once (after all those photos end up on Facebook!) isn’t always realistic. Well, I found this really cool service that let’s you have those high-end designer dresses you want to wear to events (parties, weddings, corporate – you name it) without breaking your budget. Interested yet? Check this out…

It’s called Rent the Runway. Founded by two young female entrepreneurs, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, this growing website offers hundreds of designer dresses and accessories for all occasions that you can rent for a fraction of the retail cost. The company is still pretty new but it has already gained a lot of steam and has been featured in some of the top fashion publications, including Glamour and Cosmo.

Here are some of my favorites from their collection…

Vera Wang What A Feeling Gown – Rent $300 / Retail $1,995
Badgley Mischka SequinBell Sleave Sheath – Rent $125 / Retail $800
Herve Leger Deep Zipped-Up Bandage Dress – Rent $100 / Retail $1,050

What do you think? Is this an option you would consider when picking a dress to wear to your next event?

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How to Save an Outdoor Event from Bad Weather

Nothing can spoil a great outdoor event faster than bad weather. Unfortunately, mother nature is unpredictable and there is no way to know for sure at the time of planning months in advance whether or not a storm is going to move in on the very day of the event. That’s why it is important to be prepared for the worst so that months of planning and preparation are not necessarily devastated by a cancellation of the entire event.

Here are six ways to save an outdoor event from bad weather:

  1. Hold part of the event indoors.
    When choosing your venue, look for a place that offers plenty of indoor space as well to accommodate your guests, such as a luxury home or hotel. Have the space reserved and a floor-plan mapped out ahead of time so that if rain does come, you are prepared to move the entire event set-up indoors without a hitch.
  2. Rent portable tents.
    There are lovely and durable portable tents available for rent that will not only protect your guests from rain but also from the heat of the sun. Rent ones that come with side screens that offer further protection from the elements. During the summer, a good investment would be to install portable air conditioners instead of fans to keep everyone comfortable.
  3. Secure decorations and structures.
    Prevent wind from blowing away decorations and structures by securing everything carefully with weights, wires, ropes and tacks.
  4. Reassure your guests.
    Your guests will be paying as close attention to the weather as you (the host) will be once they have made the decision to attend your event. If they are concerned about weather reports warning of inclement weather, they may decide not to show up at all. Reassure them far in advance that should the weather turn bad, the event will still go on in an adapted venue.
  5. Get weather insurance.
    Buying weather insurance for your event is a smart way to protect yourself from potential damages and loss of revenue that may be a result of bad weather. You can learn more about weather insurance for events here.
  6. Have umbrellas handy.
    It’s a good idea to have several umbrellas handy for your guests to use as they are escorted inside. The classic black umbrellas are the best choice because they are the most sophisticated and thankfully, the most cost-effective, as well.

Don’t let this scare you off from holding an event outdoors. With the right preparation, you can still have a successful event. Good luck!

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