2013: “Green” With Decorating Opportunity

All my sources are telling me that nature’s favorite color green will be a huge trend in the 2013 New Year. Green offers so many inspiring decorating opportunities. It’s an incredibly versatile color that can be playful or sophisticated, masculine or feminine depending on what shade you choose and what you pair it with. As long as you know how to work with it, you should be able to create a room with beautiful decor that will suit both your and your family’s sensibilities. Perhaps we should all start “thinking green” in 2013? ;) Here are some ideas for decorating with green:

For a PLAYFUL look…
Pair green with splashes of white and yellow.  (Photo: My Design Dump)

Pair green with black and gold metallic accents. (Photo: Lemonade & Mason Jars)

For a MASCULINE look…
Pair green with black and rich wood accents. (Photo: IMI Design Studio)

For a FEMININE look…
Pair green with pink accents and fun patterns. (Photo: HGTV)

Hope these ideas have inspired you and that you all have a fantastic New Year. Maybe 2013 find us all well!

Warm regards,

Inspiring Hotel Decor Part 2: Lobbies

My last post was about finding decorating inspiration in hotel suites. Today, I’m bringing you the second part which features some of my favorite hotel lobbies. Often the most extreme and interesting design elements are used in hotel lobbies, while the rooms are generally simpler and designed more around comfort. You can draw some really fantastic inspiration and ideas from hotel lobbies, helping you to think outside the box.

Here are five examples of inspiring hotel lobbies…

The Tides South Beach
Photo via King and Grove Hotels

Palmer House Hilton Chicago
Photo via BonVoyage Travel & Tours

Hotel Deluxe Portland
Photo via Huffington Post

Chamberlain West Hollywood
Photo via Chamberlain West Hollywood

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Barcelona
Photo via InteriorDesign.net

All these hotel lobbies have that “wow” factor. There’s so much inspiration to be found for your living room or any other room in your home.  Hope these have inspired you! Stay tuned for the third and final part of this series: hotel outdoor lounges…

Warm regards,

Inspiring Hotel Decor Part 1: Suites

Have you ever walked into a hotel room and instantly felt at home? The goal on most interior designers’ minds when decorating for a hotel is to make every guest feel like they are in a home away from home. The decor is often elegant and comfortable, but there are thousands of hotels out there with varying designs to fit everyone’s taste. That’s why hotels are a great source of inspiration when decorating or staging your own home. Most hotels will let you take photos of the lobby and restaurant(s) and tour the hotel without being registered, and sometimes they will even let you preview a room.

To start off this series of posts on inspiring hotel decor, I’m going to show you some of my favorite examples of beautiful hotel suites…

 Connoaught Hotel in London
Photo via Offset Architects

St. Regis Hotel New York
Photo via St. Regis NY

Hotel Castille in Paris, France
Photo via Chillout Spot

The Tides South Beach
Photo via King & Grove Hotels

Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates
Photo via TimeOutDubai.com

Is your mind already churning with great ideas? If you’re decorating a home for yourself, hotels can offer great ideas for color schemes and decor. If you’re staging, there are little touches that hotels have like a fresh towel hanging over the tub or a coffee pot and cups situated on a tray near the bed. These touches bring warmth to a space and make anyone walking into it feel like they are someplace special.

Stay tuned for our next post on inspiring hotel lobbies!

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Make Spray Paint Your Friend

Spray paint is one of my favorite DIY tools because it can transform almost ANYTHING! It can take an old, worn-out accessory or piece of furniture and instantly make it look new and modern. The other great thing about spray paint (besides being inexpensive at under $10 a can!) is that it is very versatile. Whether you are just looking to freshen up something old while maintaing its charm or hoping to completely modernize something, spray paint can do it. Indoors, outdoors, small or big — Your creativity is the limit!

Here is an example of an outdoor iron chair that had seen better days. Here’s what we did with some black spray paint:

You can now really appreciate the beautiful detail in the chair and it looks completely fresh and new. You can pick up finds like these at secondhand stores and garage sales for cheap and most spray paint is less than $10 a can. Another great use for spray paint is on accessories. You can take an old, ugly piece and make it whatever color you’d like. Have you noticed the popularity of high-gloss, white or brightly colored accessories lately? They are all over magazines and HGTV. Here are some examples of inspirational accessories from Z Gallerie:

Items like these can be found all over — your home, your grandma’s home, secondhand stores, garage sales, the beach — you name it! Even better, they will be personalized to YOUR color scheme and YOUR specific taste. And on top of it all, it’s actually pretty fun. :) Just make sure you follow all the precautions when using spray paint — do it in a dry, ventilated space, wear a protective mask and safety goggles, and cover anything in your workspace that you don’t want to get paint on.

Hope this has inspired you. Good luck, DIY-ers!!

Warm regards,

What is “redesign”?

People ask me this all the time: what exactly is “redesign”? It’s actually one of the fastest and most fun ways to give any room in your house a makeover. Redesign is simply taking what you already own and rearranging it in a fresh way. For most of my redesign clients, I never use anything that isn’t already in my client’s home before I get there. I just rearrange things in a more efficient way and use furniture and accessories from other areas of the home. It’s truly amazing just how big a difference redesign can make. Here are some before and afters of some redesigns I’ve worked on recently:

 We swapped out the curtains and chairs for something lighter and cleared out the clutter.
The addition of the right accessories and voila – beautiful new room!

Look at how removing a few things and exchanging some pieces made such a big difference.
Note: EVERYTHING in this redesign was already owned by the client!

So, do you believe in the power of redesign yet? Try it for yourself! You can also hire a professional redesigner if you’d prefer. My company offers redesign services so if you’re in the central Florida area and would like to learn more, please contact me at megan@professionalstaging.com or call 407-383-4361.

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