Make Spray Paint Your Friend

Spray paint is one of my favorite DIY tools because it can transform almost ANYTHING! It can take an old, worn-out accessory or piece of furniture and instantly make it look new and modern. The other great thing about spray paint (besides being inexpensive at under $10 a can!) is that it is very versatile. Whether you are just looking to freshen up something old while maintaing its charm or hoping to completely modernize something, spray paint can do it. Indoors, outdoors, small or big — Your creativity is the limit!

Here is an example of an outdoor iron chair that had seen better days. Here’s what we did with some black spray paint:

You can now really appreciate the beautiful detail in the chair and it looks completely fresh and new. You can pick up finds like these at secondhand stores and garage sales for cheap and most spray paint is less than $10 a can. Another great use for spray paint is on accessories. You can take an old, ugly piece and make it whatever color you’d like. Have you noticed the popularity of high-gloss, white or brightly colored accessories lately? They are all over magazines and HGTV. Here are some examples of inspirational accessories from Z Gallerie:

Items like these can be found all over — your home, your grandma’s home, secondhand stores, garage sales, the beach — you name it! Even better, they will be personalized to YOUR color scheme and YOUR specific taste. And on top of it all, it’s actually pretty fun. :) Just make sure you follow all the precautions when using spray paint — do it in a dry, ventilated space, wear a protective mask and safety goggles, and cover anything in your workspace that you don’t want to get paint on.

Hope this has inspired you. Good luck, DIY-ers!!

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Evoking A Sense of “Home”

Whether you’re selling a home or just trying to add some warmth to your own, there are some easy ways to add decor to a space so that it evokes a sense of “home.” It’s one of the most important parts of home staging because while furniture definitely fills a room, the details are what give it warmth. Here are some of my own examples of those special home staging touches:

Having the table set at all times makes the dining room look full of life and adds interest for the eye. Don’t stop at the plates – bring in extra color with a bottle of wine and fruit arrangements.

Beautiful bedding and pillows are the best place to start in a bedroom, but don’t stop there, especially when staging to sell. Add a tray with some glasses and a bottle of wine to help buyers imagine living there. Ever noticed they do this a lot in model homes? Because it works!

This is another great option for the bedroom, either for the bed or an ottomon with a comfy chair nearby: a breakfast setting with a teapot, fruit (for color), wrapped flatware and a book.

Don’t forget the outside! Try staging your patio or front porch with plantlife and a nice bench. Adding some outdoor pillows and a couple of books gives it some extra color and warmth. Imagine how different this corner would look if it were bare. Much prettier this way, isn’t it?

Try some of these ideas if you’re staging a home to sell or if you just want to add something fresh to your own home. To learn more about home staging, check out my book Stageology: How to Stage to Sell or if you’re in the Orlando area and would like to hire professional staging services, check out Happy staging!

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Follow the Red Door

Nothing grabs your attention like the color RED. That’s why (when used smartly) red can be a fantastic design element, even in staging. Yes, it IS best to use neutral color palettes when staging a home for sale, but occasionally that right pop of red is just enough to grab someone’s attention. Examples: A pillow, a piece of art, a basket of apples on the kitchen counter, or even…

A red front door! Really catches your eye, doesn’t it? It’s not for every property, but sometimes it’s that extra something that can really make a home stand out. What is your favorite way to use the color RED? Let me know in the comments!

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