10 Ideas for a Dazzling Christmas Entryway

My family and I love decorating our home for Christmas and one of the first spots to get the holiday treatment is always the front door. It’s fun to decorate this area because it is the spot that will be seen by the most amount of people as they walk and drive by. It’s rewarding to make it something special for passersby to enjoy. And of course, it’s the first thing that will greet your guests when they come over for all your holiday gatherings. To get you inspired, I’ve put together a list of 10 beautiful Christmas entryways that range from the simple to the extravagant. Hope you enjoy!

10 Ideas for a Christmas Entryway | HomeandEventStyling.comRed ornaments in the garland speak to the bold red door, making this entryway simple but powerful.

10 Ideas for a Christmas Entryway | HomeandEventStyling.comRopes of garland made from magnolia, red cedar, winterberry, and pinecones adorn this entryway with a rustic, elegant appeal.

10 Ideas for a Christmas Entryway | HomeandEventStyling.comThis front door looks like a gift wrapped in lush greenery. The pops of red and giant pine cones add extra character.

10 Ideas for a Christmas Entryway | HomeandEventStyling.comA swag hangs from the doorbell to give it some Christmas charm, while little trees and a precious wreath create a festive scene.

10 Ideas for a Christmas Entryway | HomeandEventStyling.comWintery branches are adorned with dazzling lights to add an elegant holiday glow to the entryway.

10 Ideas for a Christmas Entryway | HomeandEventStyling.comThe lush garland framing the front door suits the rustic appeal of this grand entry, while colorful ornament-inspired decor adds some color and whimsy.

10 Ideas for a Christmas Entryway | HomeandEventStyling.comInstead of framing the door, they wrapped the garland around the entire front porch to create a more grand effect.

10 Ideas for a Christmas Entryway | HomeandEventStyling.comLanterns with seashells and starfish light up this coastal home’s entryway. Even the wreath and potted trees were given a coastal makeover.

10 Ideas for a Christmas Entryway | HomeandEventStyling.comIf you have pillars, wrapping them in garland creates a stunning effect. Sometimes, just some simple greenery is all you need to get into the holiday spirit.

10 Ideas for a Christmas Entryway | HomeandEventStyling.comLess is often more. This home made tasteful choices in where they put lights and only added some wreaths and a strand of garland, but the effect is nothing short of stunning.

I hope these Christmas entryways inspired you. Do you have any holiday decor traditions for your front door?

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10 Festive Ideas for a Halloween Foyer

If you want to add a splash of Halloween decor to your home, the foyer is one of the best places to do that. Usually the regular decor in a foyer is pretty simple, consisting of a console table and maybe a staircase, so it’s easy to add some festive charm to it. Since it’s right in the entryway, any guests that visit will be able to get a dose of the Halloween spirit. There are a lot of fun ideas for dressing up this space, whether you’re keen on a simpler approach or like to go all out. Here are 10 festive ideas to inspire you for your own Halloween foyer.

10 Festive Ideas for a Halloween Foyer | HomeandEventStyling.comTo decorate a round table that can be seen from all sides, pumpkins are a great choice to mimic the shape of the table and be enjoyed from all angles. Vary the heights to keep your eye moving.

10 Festive Ideas for a Halloween Foyer | HomeandEventStyling.comThis Halloween vignette is simple but festive. Creepy branches and bats give height to a pumpkin, while white-painted pumpkins are a subtle addition to the lower shelf.

10 Festive Ideas for a Halloween Foyer | HomeandEventStyling.comSome creatively painted pumpkins and gourds add a small bit of Halloween charm to the year-round decor of this console table.

10 Festive Ideas for a Halloween Foyer | HomeandEventStyling.comSeasonal leaves and lighted pumpkins create a look that can be enjoyed throughout the entire season, even into Thanksgiving.

10 Festive Ideas for a Halloween Foyer | HomeandEventStyling.comWarm tones of orange, copper, brown, and green create a classic look that suits the entire length of the fall season.

10 Festive Ideas for a Halloween Foyer | HomeandEventStyling.comPumpkins painted with a glaze add a stylish touch of the season to an entryway vignette. The branches bring in an extra layer of texture.

10 Festive Ideas for a Halloween Foyer | HomeandEventStyling.comBat silhouettes fly up the side of the staircase to give it some Halloween whimsy. Other fun elements include a “trick or treat” sign and a crow in an antique birdcage.

10 Festive Ideas for a Halloween Foyer | HomeandEventStyling.comThe clever idea to use a picture frame as a shelf is something you can use for seasonal decor all year-round by switching out what’s displayed inside.

10 Festive Ideas for a Halloween Foyer | HomeandEventStyling.comAn old typewriter and a fun piece of wall art are just a few of the elements that give this foyer vignette some Halloween spirit.

10 Festive Ideas for a Halloween Foyer | HomeandEventStyling.comIf the typical Halloween color palette isn’t your thing, one of silver and white could give you that chic vibe you’ve been looking for.

Use any of these ideas to add a dose of seasonal charm to your foyer.

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Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression

When staging a home for sale, one of the most overlooked spots is often the entryway. Unless you have a front door that opens directly into a main living space without any designated space, it is important that this area not be left bare. It is the first spot any potential buyers will see when they walk into the home, so it is crucial that it make a strong, positive first impression. This is very easy to achieve with the right accessories and styling. Each entryway is different, but there are some key components that can be used in most spaces when staging an entryway to create an impression that is warm, inviting, and will set the tone for the rest of the tour.

Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression | HomeandEventStyling.comA narrow console table with exquisite detail fits perfectly into the alcove beside the door, boasting some greenery for a pop of natural color and a tall mirror to accentuate the high ceilings. A neutral rug warms up the space and pulls it all together.

Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression | HomeandEventStyling.comThis entryway is full of character, setting you up for the spirit of the home the moment you walk in the door. Some charming hats, an old table, and an umbrella holder fill the space with easy charm.

Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression | HomeandEventStyling.comA colorful rug brings a splash of texture and pattern to this neutral entryway. Some traditional chairs flank the table to add width to the vignette, while a lamp and plant bring height to the table.

Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression | HomeandEventStyling.comYou can embrace a home’s history with the right decorative details such as this mid-century modern vignette. Think outside the box when accessorizing, like the wonderful green umbrella leaning against the wall.

Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression | HomeandEventStyling.comSometimes, little accessorizing is needed when a piece makes such a statement as this chest and mirror do. Some simple lamps and a mail holder let the character pieces do all the hard work.

Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression | HomeandEventStyling.comHere is another example of letting a statement piece shine with a unique table from a market in Paris. Notice the simple styling around it to give the space warmth without cluttering it.

Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression | HomeandEventStyling.comLarge foyers can seem daunting to fill, but you only need a few key pieces to achieve some warmth. Here, a charming loveseat, colorful rug, and a chest create an inviting atmosphere.

Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression | HomeandEventStyling.comIn this foyer, a stunning armoire takes up one side of the entryway, so a simple bench and some lush greenery create balance in the space. Some pillows and a matching rug soften it.

Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression | HomeandEventStyling.comWhen choosing furniture for an entryway, make sure you measure the space so you know what will fit perfectly into the area. This narrow table was the ideal choice to allow plenty of space to walk past and also fit between the molding on the wall.

Staging an Entryway for a Great First Impression | HomeandEventStyling.comThree separate vignettes converge in this entryway to create symmetry and flow. Each has its own character while blending well with the rest and leading your eye through the space.

With the some of the tricks shown in this post, staging an entryway can be easy and make the first impression on buyers that you are looking for.

Warm regards,

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Foyers & Entryway Ideas That Invite You In

A guest’s first impression of your home happens before they get in your home by way of its curb appeal, but once they are inside the front door it is important to make that trip worthwhile. The first impression of the inside of your home is the entryway or foyer. It sets the mood for the rest of the home and either turns a guest/buyer off or inspires them to want to see more. That is why it is so important to give care and attention to this space and make sure it sets the right tone for the home. Here are some entryway ideas to inspire you…

 If you have a lot of wall space on either side of the front door, it is smart to flank it when foliage or furniture as seen here. The diamond pattern on the floor is also a smart choice to keep the area separate and also visually absorb some of that open space.

Bead board gives this adorable entryway a cottage feel while the simple table and chair add warmth, as well as a spot to drop your keys and take off your shoes.

The pop of green those ottomans offer brings color and sophisticated to this beautiful entryway.

The turquoise and orange in this coastal vignette set the mood for the rest of the home.

This entryway is so elegant. The chairs are a perfect touch of sophisticated parallel to the rustic chest.

The foliage takes advantage of the great height in this masculine foyer while the pop of color in the rug drawers your eye in.

A rustic, eclectic foyer that is full of character and personality. I love the antique loveseat and pile of wood under the table.

Such a warm and sophisticated entryway that feels like a room of its own.

A modern, monochromatic approach to an entryway. Love the stripes!

Natural textures make this adobe-style foyer beautiful and inviting. The pebble inlay makes one incredible statement.

The entryway is responsible for the first impressions guests or buyers will get of your home, so instead of leaving it empty breathe some life into it with some inviting decor.

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