DIY Halloween Project: Candy Towers

How to make candy towers, a fun Halloween DIY project for the family. Click through to see the tutorial at!Halloween is one of my and my family’s favorite holidays. Besides dressing up and decorating the house, we also love all the fun, creative projects we get to do that are inspired by the holiday.

One of my favorite DIY Halloween projects are candy towers. They are super easy and inexpensive to make and look great when they’re finished. They are also very versatile because you can choose the colors of the candy wrappers and shape of the vases to make them your own.

You can do this project in an afternoon with your family or even create a party around it. Kids love bringing their own candy to mix and match to turn into towers.

Here is the easy step-by-step tutorial for creating your own candy towers:

Step 1: Choose large, clear vases to hold the candy. Tall, round vases work the best, but other shapes can work well, too, depending on the type of candy you choose.

How to make candy towers, a fun Halloween DIY project for the family. Click through to see the tutorial at!


Step 2: Select a large assortment of candy. Some candies are better for stacking than others because they more evenly lay in the towers. Candies such as nerds and milk duds come in small boxes, making them perfect candidates. These boxes can be sorted by color and stacked horizontal one time and then vertical a few rows later.  Large gum balls in a single row stack well and laffy taffy can me molded to the curve of the bowl if round.




Step 3: Pack them tightly to prevent shifting. I like to face all the candy going the same direction for a more fluid look.





Step 4: To top off the towers, gumballs, M&M’s, jelly beans, Hershey’s Kisses, and candy corn work really well. I think it looks best to use a loose top of solid color or something similar, such as candy corn.




This project is a ton of fun to do and makes a dramatic table setting to a Halloween party. They are also great for the trick or treaters to see as they enter your home.

You can even get creative with them and mix in other elements. Let your imagination take over.

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10 Whimsical DIY Projects For Your Home

No matter what your favorite design style is, I believe every home could use a bit of whimsy, even in the form of the smallest accessory. If you’re wondering what I mean by whimsy, I’m simply referring to those creative items or elements that express something about the person who lives there, whether it’s a memento with history or something quirky you found and just had to have. Whatever it is, these things add character to your home. Look around and I’m sure you’ll find at least one thing that captures that feeling of whimsy in your own personal way. If you’re looking to add some more whimsy to your home, check out these fun DIY projects I’ve come across on Pinterest:

Gold Honey Bear Vase by A Beautiful Mess (Go to Tutorial)

Mason Jar Chandeliers by Apartment Therapy (Go to Tutorial)

Chalkboard Surfboard by Design Empire (Go to Tutorial)

Wine Bottle Chandelier by Pin Cookie (Go to Tutorial)

Sliding Door by Apartment Therapy (Go to Tutorial)

Penny Covered Letters by The Crafted Sparrow (Go to Tutorial)

Jar Decals by the Painted Hive (Go to Tutorial)

Framed Wall Boxes by Change of Scenery (Go to Tutorial)

Suitcase Table by Stars for Streetlights (Go to Tutorial)

Hanging Candles by A Subtle Revelry (Go to Tutorial)

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How to Make an UP Inspired Gingerbread House

Every year my kids and I make a gingerbread house together. We have a lot of fun coming up with a special theme and then creating our gingerbread house. Last year, we based our gingerbread house on one of our favorite movies as a family, Disney/Pixar’s UP. Right off the bat, we all knew this would make for one adorable and fabulous gingerbread house, but we also knew it was going to be a bit of a challenge recreating the balloons. You can’t have an UP inspired gingerbread house without the famous balloons! Well, with some trial and error we were able to bring it to life and I’m excited to share it with you.

DIY UP Gingerbread House Instructions

The balloons, of course, are gum balls. The structure to hold the gum balls was made of hard pretzels that were “glued” together with confectionery-coated white chocolate that was melted to a sticky state.  I originally tried regular white chocolate and they did not stick to the smooth surface of the bubblegum well.  The pretzels had quite the infrastructure that resembled tree trunks which gave the gum balls support to attach together.  Then it was just a matter of adding on and on until the desired amount made the shape of a balloon. Use your imagination to decorate the rest of the gingerbread house and give it your own creative signature. It’s so much fun to make it your own!

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Creative DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

One of the greatest (and most rewarding) parts of the Christmas season is the giving of gifts. It’s always a wonderful feeling to watch someone open a gift you’ve picked out or made for them. The tradition, of course, is to wrap these gifts but did you ever consider that the wrapping itself could be a sort of gift? There are so many unique and creative ways to wrap a gift besides the usual wrapping paper and pre-made bows that will delight the recipient and add a little something special to every gift. After all, most gifts will sit under a tree for over a month at a time, contributing to the atmosphere and Christmas decor, so why not take advantage of this special opportunity?

Here are some creative DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas for you to have some fun with…

Use maps as gift wrapping, great for guys’ gifts (Photo: Martha Stewart)

Use newspaper or book pages as gift wrapping for a nostalgic feel (Photo: Apartment Therapy)

Use fabric as gift wrapping for a quirky look (Photo: Merriment Events)

Create your own Tiffany-style bow (Photo & Tutorial via Eddie Ross)

 Use greenery, pine cones & twine to add life to your gift wrapping (Photo: HGTV)

Add an extra touch by securing ornaments to your bows (Photo: BHG)

Hope these ideas have inspired you! Look around and get creative – what else can you use to adorn your gift wrapping? There are so many fun things you can find at craft stores and even the dollar store to use.  For example, little stuffed animals are great for children’s gifts. The possibilities are endless. :)

You can find more great Christmas ideas on my Pinterest!

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DIY: How to Refurbish Weathered Wooden Front Doors

In my last post, I shared the 5 best curb appeal tips and one of them is to make any necessary repairs, especially to your front door. It’s the first thing people see (whether it’s friends and family or buyers if you are selling your home) and therefore one of the most important elements of your home. It’s a crucial part of making a great first impression. Unfortunately, over time mother nature can force wear and tear on your front door from things like weather and the sun. If your front door is made of man-made materials, then you can spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint. But if you have a natural wood front door, there’s another way to give it a facelift.

I’m going to show you how to refurbish a weathered front door in an easy-to-tackle, 4-step project that costs under $1,000 and will have them looking brand new.

How to Refurbish Weathered Wooden Front Doors
Step 1:
First, for this project I removed all the metal hardware and painted them their original black. While it is more tedious to remove all the hardware, it’s necessary to do to be able to sand evenly (step 2) and get an even coat of poly (step 4).

Step 2: Prepare and sand down the doors. (Tutorial from DIY Network)

Step 3: Stain them by brushing or wiping the stain on the wood. After it soaks in for a few minutes, wipe away excess with a rag.

Step 4: Finish them with a coat of UV-resistant outdoor polyurethane.

An AMAZING transformation, right? This is a fantastic weekend DIY project that is more than worth the investment. Remember, a great first impression starts with the front door. Good luck, DIY-ers!

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