Blue Dining Room Ideas

The color blue is so sophisticated, fresh, and inviting that it is a perfect choice for a dining room. Men like it, women like it, and it always brings an edge of class to whatever space it is used in. I recently did a post on the stunning blues of Bimini in which I shared a lot of beautiful rooms with colors inspired by the islands. This time, I wanted to focus on using blue in a dining room because choosing a color scheme for that space is a challenge for many homeowners. Perhaps blue is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Check out these inspiring blue dining room ideas…

The splashes of crisp white on the navy blue and dark wood give this dining room a very Hamptons-esque sophistication.

Nautical with a twist. There is a beautiful balance of casual (beadboard on the cabinets, striped curtain) and sophisticated (dark wood, navy blue chairs) in this dining room.

The gorgeous deep blue grass cloth wallpaper creates a rich, masculine appeal.

You can find a softer, more feminine appeal in this blue and pale blue dining room.

Check out that incredible ceiling reflecting the blues of the room and those cool art deco sliding doors.

A dining room fit for a beach house with cool blue walls and chairs mixed with natural textures.

The blue slipcovers give life to this otherwise neutral dining room and add a flair of casual class.

A clean and pristine dining room that just oozes elegance. The metal studs really pop against those chic blue chairs.

Turquoise and dark chocolate brown were made for each other, as seen in this elegant dining room full of sheen.

The blue in this whimsical dining room ground the design and pull it all together.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect color for your dining room, why not try the very versatile blue? It’s hard not to fall in love with it.

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10 Creative Looks for Dining Room Tables & Chairs

The dining room is one of the most special rooms in a home because it is where friends and family gather over a delicious meal, especially on the holidays. You have a fantastic opportunity to do something with character in this space, no matter what your design style and aesthetic may be. Thinking outside the box is the way great design is born, so I have compiled 10 creative looks for dining room tables and chairs that are easy to emulate and can be the kick start to a dining room that is beautiful, unexpected and completely you.

This regular wooden table was transformed into something special with cobalt blue paint. The white chairs really let the table shine and keep the look clean and sophisticated. Photo: Real Living

This rustic wood table is made sophisticated with its 8 armchairs covered in a simple white slipcover. Photo: Decor Pad

Nate Berkus turned this traditional wooden table modern-eclectic with the addition of the green velvet chairs. Photo: Chicago Home  + Garden

Who says all your chairs have to be the same color? These colorful chairs add whimsy to this cute but classy dining room. Photo: Decoholic

The vintage table and chairs in this room are so romantically shabby chic with the ruffled table cloth and pillows on the armchair at the head of the table. Photo: Blossoms Vintage Chic

If you have a small space, lucite chairs and a glass table such as the ones in this dining room are perfect because they take up no visual space. Photo: Jamie Herzlinger

This dining room cleverly alternated between solid and patterned slipcovers to create an interesting and sophisticated look. Photo: Apartment Therapy

This cottage dining room has a lot of character, much in part to the mixture of seating. The rustic seafoam green bench is balanced by the sophisticated  patterned armchairs flanking the table. Photo: Sarah Richardson Design

These benches look great side by side in this sophisticated space. Being backless, they leave a lot of visual space that makes the room appear more open. Photo: Fave Pretty Things

A built-in banquette is a great space-saver and all around cool design for a dining room or eat-in kitchen. Photo: House Beautiful

Hope these creative dining room ideas have inspired you to think outside the box when decorating your home. There is so many great design choices out there outside the typical table and chair combos. Find the perfect look that screams “you.”

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DIY Decorating Ideas for Your Dining Room

That time of wonderful year is almost here when the holidays arrive that inspire the most parties and gatherings. I personally LOVE this time of year for a host of reasons, mainly because it is a time when family and friends come together to simply celebrate what we have and being together. It’s also so much fun to decorate the house for the season and put on my creative hostess hat to plan some fun parties that everyone can enjoy.

To kick off this season, I’ve gathered five easy and beautiful DIY projects for the dining room to set the festive mood as you dine with your nearest and dearest.

Good Housekeeping

Here’s a very simple yet chic way to create your own personalized centerpiece. Just find a plain white, retangular serving dish (these are EVERYWHERE right now — you can get them very inexpensively at places such as Ross or HomeGoods) and place three candles (two medium-height, one tall looks best) in a row in the center of the dish. Next, surround the candles with a candy of your choice that will suit your color scheme. For Christmas, Good Housekeeping cleverly chose red and white peppermints, but you could easily use this same concept for other color schemes and seasonal themes. For Halloween, for instance, you could use candycorns or black licorice. You could also substitute the candy for other items such as seashells, sand, marbles, pebbles, flower petals, etc for everyday decorating.

Life Without Expectations

We’ve all seen those little 12×12 tile sets at home improvements stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot that are meant for laying tile in bathrooms and kitchens. But have you ever thought of using them as placemats? They’re the perfect size and shape and add a perfect natural touch to a dining room table. Such an inspired and clever idea!

Celebrations At Home

NapaStyle sells this very cool table runner ($24-$38) that looks like a chalkboard and can be used to display your food and the name of each dish to your guests. You can easily make your own, however, by purchasing black chalk cloth at a fabrics store for a fraction of the cost. The blog Celebrations At Home suggests cutting 1 yard in half lengthwise and then laying the 2 pieces end to end to create your runner. This could even be a fun alternative to placemats that your guests can write on beside their plates. It’s especially perfect for a kid’s party! (Though I don’t doubt that adults would have a blast with it, too.)

The Family CEO

Another great and easy centerpiece idea: fill clear, glass vases of varying heights with twigs and water, then place floating candles in them. Such a beautiful effect and so simple to do. Just be sure to use the right kind of candles that are meant to float in water.

Interiors by Kenz

You’ve probably seen these DIY plates circulating Pinterest. Why? Because it’s such a fun and easy idea. All you do is get plain oven-safe dinnerware (which you can find at the dollar store, Walmart or IKEA) and draw your illustration of choice on any size plate, bowl or even a mug. Next, you bake them in the oven at 365 degrees for about 30 minutes and then let them cool and voila — you have your own customized plates, bowls, or mugs! It is recommended that you don’t wash them in the dishwasher because it will make the ink come off, so it’s best to use these as part of just the display on a table or only for food such as pastries that won’t get terribly stuck to the ceramic.

I hope some of these ideas have inspired you. You can check out my Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook for more great ideas like them.

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