Inspiring Hotel Decor Part 3: Outdoor Lounges

This week I have shared 5 inspiring hotel suites and 5 inspiring hotel lobbies. What’s next? Outdoor spaces! While we might not all have Olympic-sized pools in our backyards or a view of the Atlantic, there is still some wonderful design inspiration to be found on the patios and poolsides of hotels. Check out these beautiful examples to see what I mean…

Delano Hotel South Beach
Photo via Delano South Beach

Petit Ermitage Los Angeles
Photo via Tablet Hotels

Viceroy Santa Monica
Photo via Tablet Hotels

Mondrian South Beach
Photo via Mondrian South Beach 

Sedona Rouge Arizona
Photo via

I hope these posts on inspiring hotels have given you some ideas. There are so many amazing hotels out there, I could practically do this series every week! Good luck and happy decorating. :)

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Home Staging Trick: Book in Bloom

You’ve probably heard this before: Beauty is in the details. This is definitely true in home design and staging. The accessories pull the room together and add those little touches that truly make a house feel like a home. Here’s a cool tip that comes from one of our MHM team members, Heather Isaac:

Open up an old book halfway and fold inward two pages from the right and two pages from the left. You’ll be left with this beautiful (yet very simple and inexpensive!) design element that you can place on a coffee table, next to a bed, or even on an ottoman beside a comfy chair.

What are some of your favorite accessorizing tricks? Let me know in the comments!

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Follow the Red Door

Nothing grabs your attention like the color RED. That’s why (when used smartly) red can be a fantastic design element, even in staging. Yes, it IS best to use neutral color palettes when staging a home for sale, but occasionally that right pop of red is just enough to grab someone’s attention. Examples: A pillow, a piece of art, a basket of apples on the kitchen counter, or even…

A red front door! Really catches your eye, doesn’t it? It’s not for every property, but sometimes it’s that extra something that can really make a home stand out. What is your favorite way to use the color RED? Let me know in the comments!

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