5 Minute Room Makeovers, Part 2: Kitchen & Dining Room

This week I’m covering some easy and quick makeover ideas that will rejuvenate your home. First I covered the living room which had a lot of ideas that could be useful in other areas of a home as well, such as the tips on accessories and wall art. Today, we’re going to focus on how to update the kitchen and dining room. The kitchen is usually one of the most expensive and most time-consuming rooms in a home to make over, but there are some easy ways to change it up without much work at all. As for the dining room, you don’t have to get new furniture to make it feel new. Check out these quick makeover ideas to see what I mean.


Fresh flowers do good to liven up any space. It is something we suggest during open houses because people are naturally attracted to them. It’s an easy way to bring in color; just let nature’s own beautiful design do the work for you.

Changing out the light fixtures is a great way to update a kitchen and change the look of it a bit. The style of the fixtures can help sway whatever style you want going in the kitchen, whether you want to bring in some contemporary flair or make it more rustic.

Some new barstools can breathe new life into the kitchen. With so many styles to choose from, they can help give your kitchen a brand new look quickly and affordably, especially if you choose to refurbish the stools you already have by refinishing or painting them.

Cleaning our your cabinets and reorganizing them can make you feel totally renewed when it comes to your kitchen. Get rid of expired food and place ingredients in matching labelled containers for a perfectly organized look.


If you don’t want to spend a lot replacing your dining room chairs, then consider putting slipcovers over them. There are tons of beautiful options out there that can rejuvenate any dining room and offer a fresh look without breaking the bank.

A new chandelier can make you fall in love with your dining room all over again. For some dining rooms, the chandelier is the focal point, so have some fun choosing a new one or refurbishing your own. Just get a can of spray paint and change out the candles or shades if it has any.

Many people change out their table’s centerpiece for holidays, but who’s to say you can’t change it more often? There are tons of easy and affordable options for centerpieces. Vases, flowers and beautiful bowls are just a few options that can be purchased inexpensively at places such as Home Goods.

Tired of the same place settings you’ve had for years? Update them with some colorful new chargers and new napkin rings. These simple changes can boost your settings into stylish territory that your guests will admire.

Which of these ideas would you like to implement in your own home?

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5 Minute Room Makeover Ideas, Part 1: Living Room

If your living room is feeling a bit drab and you want to give it a makeover without taking on a huge project, there are some very easy and inexpensive ways to freshen it up. No paint, no tools, no major labor (or purchases) required. By changing out and adding some minor cosmetic details in the room, you can give it an entirely new feel. It is all about focusing on color, texture, and pattern to change a space. Here are some 5 minute makeover ideas to transform your living room for living or selling.


Bringing in an area rug to a space can transform a room completely. It is a great way to warm up the room, define a conversation area and pull everything together. There are countless options for rugs whether you are looking for something neutral or want to bring in a nice pop of color.

Pillows are the best way to add color, texture and pattern to a room. Not only do they offer comfort, but they also offer a lot of style. If you ever get tired of them, you can move them to another room and change them out for a different accent color, or you can cover the ones you have with a new fabric.

Hanging some pretty curtains will do wonders to make a room look finished off. You can choose to go neutral or use it as an opportunity to add more color to the space. To make the room appear taller, hang the curtains higher than the window to fool the eye.

By bringing in a couple of accent chairs in a color or pattern, the whole landscape of the room can be changed. This can make for an easy and inexpensive DIY project. Find some thrift store armchairs and either reupholster them or use a slipcover to give them a new look.

The right lighting can have a huge impact on a space. If your living room feels a little dark and unwelcoming, try upping the wattage on the bulbs or add one or two extra sources of lighting in dark areas. This is a great opportunity to go shopping and find some beautiful light fixtures that will enhance the space’s lighting as well as overall design.

No room is complete without some art. If you have some but have grown tired of it, it’s time to swap it out for something new. When choosing art, think about the accent colors you want to include in the room and either match them to the ones that are already there or choose carefully what you want to change the accents to, because the art should pull it all together.

Accessories are one of the most fun parts of decorating a room. This is where you really see the personality of the room come together in the final details. Items like a tall vase, some coffee table books, or some fresh flowers are great ways to add character to a room.

Which one of these ideas are you most excited to try?

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