Home Tour: Virginia Historic Renovation

Today I’m excited to bring another home tour to the blog. This home is a historic renovation, and I think you’ll be amazed at the gorgeous design, inside and out. Though it’s located in Virginia, this renovated house almost feels like a European gem. I can’t wait for you to see this dreamy walkthrough!

Hanover Avenue

Hanover Avenue is the interior design firm behind the impressive work I’ll be sharing with you. With Anne Tollett as principal designer and Terry Cox as the architect, they could not have created a more perfect result. Their style is timeless, and I’ve really enjoyed looking through their projects. Now, I’m thrilled to take you along on this home tour.

European Style

The exterior of a historic renovation.

Of all the types of architecture and design, European styles are among my favorites. The roofline on this home is just stunning. The different window shapes and placements add so much character to the exterior. This is the definition of curb appeal!

Mixed Wood Tones

Dining room shot from Virginia historic renovation.

The different wood tones complement each other so well. It makes the design of this dining room feel a bit eclectic, but still very polished. I really admire the unique aesthetic created here, and how intentional each piece looks.

Dining Area

A dining area in a beautiful home.

Here’s another great view of the dining area. The wainscoting on the walls adds a level of intricacy I adore. The vibrant pieces of modern artwork balance the otherwise neutral tones of the room. I also like the variety of seating used here.


An all-white kitchen is shown.

The layout of this kitchen might be one of the best features of this home. I love how open it is, naturally flowing right into the next room. I really enjoy the all-white cabinetry and marble countertops.

Living Room

A living room in a renovated home.

The design of this living room manages to feel luxurious and charming at the same time. I love how the fireplace is made into a clear focal point, with those pretty blooms on the mantle. This really adds to the English country feeling.

Elegant Neutrals

A seating area with gorgeous patterns and neutral tones.

I love the use of multiple patterns in this seating area, from the wallpaper to the furniture and decor. Each pattern is so different, yet they all work well together. There’s so much about this room that is visually appealing.

Primary Bedroom

A primary bedroom with dark painted walls.

The dark paint color in this room is a stark contrast to the light and airy feeling of the living areas, and I think it’s genius. Despite the darkness of the walls, it still feels cozy and inviting. The bold pieces of accent decor really pull everything together.

Luxe Bathroom

A luxurious bathroom with a walk-in shower.

This bathroom is made up of so many gorgeous details. It feels incredibly luxurious and open with the central placement of the shower. My favorite element would have to be the tile, and how it continues through the walk-in shower.

Backyard Greenery

A backyard with seating arrangements and lush greenery.

The lush greenery in this yard makes me feel like I’ve entered the English countryside. The landscaping is so well manicured, and I like that there are multiple seating areas to gather in. I can just imagine how peaceful it would be to spend a quiet afternoon in this backyard.

How lovely was this home? It seems as though every room is even more exciting than the last. Every element comes together to create such a beautiful design. It’s always so much fun to see how creativity and a new design can completely transform an older home.

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