7 Custom Closets that Go Beyond the Bedroom

When we hear closets and custom storage, we often only think of the bedroom. A gorgeous, walk-in closet and dressing area is just about every homeowner’s dream. Aside from a place to arrange your clothes, custom closets can be an attractive storage solution in almost any area of the home. Besides, who doesn’t want to keep things tidy while creating a lovely display? That said, I wanted to dedicate this post to some great examples of how custom closets can be an exciting addition to all kinds of rooms.


walk-in pantry with shelving and organization

The kitchen pantry is a great place for personalized storage. It’s one of those areas that can start to feel chaotic and unorganized. I love the variety of the types of shelves here. It creates an opportunity for storing everything from snacks to wine. This particular setup makes the most out of all the available space. Plus, it’s incredibly satisfying to look at!

Entertainment Area

A living room with custom entertainment center organization.

Shelves and cabinets like the ones above are a great way to turn your entertainment area into a multipurpose room. It might not be what you traditionally think of as a closet, but all the cabinets and drawers offer so many opportunities for concealed storage. Books, gaming consoles, and any other items that might take up space can be stored instantly. It’s also a great way to feature decor throughout the room.

Home Office

A home office with cabinets going up the wall.

A home office is an especially great spot to add in a custom closet. In a room where you want to stay focused, keeping things decluttered is extra important. Cabinets like the ones above are wonderful for creating an elevated design. It nice to see just the necessities, and keep everything else displayed in a minimalistic way.


A child's nursery with a custom closet for storage.

How adorable is this nursery? Putting together nursery decor is a fun task, and added storage space can make it even more enjoyable. Baby clothes, toys, and books can be put away quickly, but kept ready for use. I think this would be a dreamy setup for any parent!

Laundry Room

A laundry room with various cabinets and shelves.

The laundry room is one of the best spots for a custom closet. With all the cleaning products and clothes, it can make doing laundry a more streamlined activity. I adore how stylish this laundry room looks, and I especially like the different finishes on the cabinets. It keeps things visually interesting.


A garage with several shelves and cabinets for storage.

Garages tend to be an area of overflow. When organized well, the garage can be stunning and great for efficiency. With added cabinets and shelving around the perimeter, you still have plenty of room to park your car! I especially love the idea of adding in the coat and shoe racks. It helps reduce the amount of clutter inside your home.

Craft Room

A custom craft room with organized paints and other art supplies.

With creative jobs or hobbies, a custom closet might be ideal for your craft room. Any artist knows how much easier it is to get to work when your supplies are organized, so this is one of my personal favorites. It’s so much more enjoyable when every paint color and brush has a designated spot.

It might seem like the possibilities are endless when it comes to custom closets, and I think that’s true! It’s so exciting to see how different kinds of living spaces can be completely transformed. I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have looking through these closet creations. Which room in your home would benefit from a custom closet?

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