Symmetry in Street Art: The Work of Maya Hayuk

This month I’m excited to share the artwork of Maya Hayuk. I find her eye-catching contemporary art and incredible visual style to be extremely captivating. I especially love looking through her international mural work. It’s likely that you’ve seen her work in at least one of her renowned street art creations. It’s hard not to get lost in appreciating each one of her larger than life compositions, so I’m thrilled to be featuring her work on the blog. 

About the Artist

Hayuk is a Ukrainian-American contemporary artist with a love of bold, bright colors. Her background includes studying at the Massachusetts College of Art, the Ontario College of Art and Design, the University of Odessa in Ukraine, and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Her work can be spotted in exhibitions and commissions all around the globe. She now lives and runs an independent studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Artist Maya Hayuk poses in front of a mural she painted.

The symmetry and geometric patterns seen in her work are what makes Hayuk’s art so recognizable. You’ll notice different themes throughout her paintings, like shapes inspired by mandalas or inkblot tests. I find it completely fascinating how each piece of work she creates is so unique, but can easily be distinguished as her own.

Hayuk’s Murals Around the World


Bright, bold mural by Maya Hayuk in Brussels.

This mural in Brussels, Belgium feels so cheerful. The bright, neon pops of color completely change the feeling of the building. My favorite thing about Hayuk’s murals is that they’re impossible to miss. Seeing this while walking down the street would make anyone’s day better! 


A mural by Maya Hayuk, resembling a Mexican woven blanket.

How amazing is this intricate pattern found on a wall in Mexico? Much of her work takes inspiration from different cultural themes, with this one resembling a Mexican woven blanket. I like that she sticks with a very specific color palette here, making the lines feel continuous. 


Contemporary wall art by Maya Hayuk in Beijing.

I absolutely adore this striking wall in Beijing. Hayuk created something here that fits so well with the high fashion environment. At the same time, it stays true to her individual style. I think this speaks to just how versatile her art truly is.


A mural by Maya Hayuk in Chile using various shapes, colors, and patterns.

By now, you’ll notice just how different each one of Hayuk’s pieces is. While no two works are the same, they’re all equally impressive. The creativity used in this work in Chile is absolutely breathtaking. There are so many elements to take in and appreciate.

Studio Work

Face Without A Face

Face Without A Face, a bright, colorful painting by Maya Hayuk.

In addition to all of Hayuk’s remarkable wall exhibitions, Hayuk has a number of note-worthy studio pieces. This painting, Face Without A Face, lives up to its name. The longer you observe this artwork, the more you’ll see. Sometimes a face pops out, while other times it appears to be a mosaic of color. 


An acrylic painting by Maya Hayuk, using pastel colors.

I enjoy how the pastel tones bleed together in this painting. It differs from the texture in a lot of Hayuk’s other work, but her use of bright shades is consistent. This painting is acrylic on panel, and it almost looks like watercolors blending together. To me, this is a reminder of Hayuk’s genius way of playing with color. 

Hands Across The Universe

A symmetrical, geometric painting by Maya Hayuk.

I love the pattern used in this piece. There’s something satisfying about the contrasting colors combined with the precise symmetry. I also find it interesting how the center of this painting almost looks holographic, adding an incredible amount of dimension.

Contemporary art is always a favorite of mine to look at. Especially in such grand displays that bring so much life to the streets. My hope is that you’ve enjoyed diving into Hayuk’s artwork as much as I have. 

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