5 Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Summer Refresh

In just a few short days, summer will officially be in full swing. If you’re a fellow Floridian, the extreme heat will probably make you want to spend a decent amount of time inside cooling off. This extra time at home might have you looking around at your decor and wondering what you could revamp. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can do to bring a new energy to your space. I’ve gathered five of my favorite ideas on how you can do just that.

Add Seasonal Florals

A room with green decor. The wallpaper is a green and white pattern. The couch is striped with white and green and has a variety of whit and green throw pillows. There is a dahlia floral arrangement on the coffee table.

As intense as the summer sun can be, the season comes with some incredibly gorgeous, seasonal blooms. Peonies, dahlias, sunflowers, and poppies are just some of the flowers I absolutely adore for this time of year. Adding floral arrangements to your home is a simple way to bring some sweet sunshine inside. Not only do these flowers make great centerpieces, but they’ll instantly brighten up the room. Your home will smell wonderful, too!

Try a New Paint Color

A photo of a living room. The room is painted a light blue, and features a cabinet, chair, and coffee table. There are additional pieces of decor on the table and cabinet.

Paint is a great way to completely change the way a room feels. Whether you’re thinking of painting a whole room or a new accent wall, I encourage you to take the plunge! Exploring with color can be so much fun, and it’s something that can always be changed. If you’re not looking to paint your walls, there are other ways you can get creative. Maybe you have a bookcase that could be painted. Alternatively, you could give your front door a fresh coat or new color to switch things up.

Use Front Door Decor

The front of a home is seen. The front door is pink and there is a wreathe with pink flowers. The front lawn is shown, and also includes a variety of flowers.

Speaking of your front door, there’s no better way to welcome guests over for summer gatherings than to spend a little extra time on this area. This first impression can set the tone for the rest of your home decor. My suggestion is to start by either making a DIY wreath, or finding a chic one that you love. Then you can get creative with a doormat, potted plants, or outdoor vases.

Experiment With Layouts

A living room is shown. There is a light grey chair and darker grey couch. They both have colorful throw pillows. There's a pink ottoman and a dark blue cabinet. Behind the cabinet is a light blue divider. There is artwork and additional decor throughout the room.

Whether or not you’re into the art of feng shui, shifting the layout of a room is a powerful way to give it a fresh new feel. Moving things around and rethinking a room will inspire your creativity and design skills. You might be surprised at just how much it changes your home’s overall vibe. Plus, as you’re taking inventory of your furniture and decor, you’ll get a better idea of what is no longer working in your space. This is a great opportunity to donate and throw away anything that no longer suits a room.

Play With Statement Pieces

A living room is shown. There is a bold piece of blue, red, orange, and green art on the wall. There is a couch and multiple chairs. One chair is bright pink and another is a mustard yellow.

Never underestimate what a statement or accent piece can do. Think about where you might add a rug, new throw pillows, or a new piece of art you love. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you have to go all out on purchasing new items. Maybe you’ll combine new and inspiring pieces of decor with an older, reimagined piece of furniture. Take a good look at what you already have, and how you might be able to flip it. This could mean refinishing a coffee table or reupholstering a chair. You never know what could become the focal point of a room! 

There are so many ways to make your home feel completely new, or even just give it a subtle upgrade. Whatever route you choose, I hope you have a great time with this new project. It’s all about enjoying the process!

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