Home Tour: Betty White’s Former Oceanfront Oasis

For today’s home tour, we’ll be exploring Betty White’s former California home. She is best known for her memorable acting roles in movies and TV shows like “The Golden Girls”. Betty loved spending time in her three-story oceanfront oasis in Carmel, California. She and her late husband Allen Ludden paid just $170,000 for the roughly quarter acre of land in 1978. After being listed on the market three months after Betty’s passing, the home recently sold for 10.775 million — 3M over asking price.

A living room in Betty White's former home with a glass coffee table and wooden paneled walls and ceilings.

Betty’s Carmel estate of 40 years sits just 120 miles south of San Francisco. It’s an area that’s rising in popularity amongst tourists. The 3600 square-foot three-story property has four bedrooms and four and a half baths. It was designed by architect Richard Hicks, and has elements that can be found in many mid century modern interiors. Let’s take a closer look at the understated elegance of this home.

The Exterior

The exterior of Betty White's former home with beautiful landscaping around it.

The exterior of this home is meant for those breath-taking panoramic views of the ocean. I love the clean lines, large windows, and surrounding yard with a gorgeously maintained garden. You can look out onto the water from just about any room or deck in this home, complete with a stunning sunset each night.

Living Room

Betty White's former living room with large windows that showcase a view of the ocean.

The living room is light and airy, with a wide-open feel. I especially love the wood-beamed ceilings. The stone fireplace adds a cozy touch, while the neutral tones add to the modern feel. You wouldn’t even have to leave the couch for those incredible views!

Natural Elegance

An interior view of Betty White's former home with a mix of natural and manmade materials.

The mix of natural and manmade materials is key in the mid-century modern home. The design does a wonderful job of bringing in outdoor elements inside, and the light wood is just gorgeous. The muted tones leave everything feeling clean and crisp. Plus, the layout makes the home feel spacious.

Primary Bedroom

The primary bedroom in Betty White's former home with view of the sunset.

This shot shows just how magical it would be to end each day in this room! Nothing can beat falling asleep and waking up to this sight of the ocean. The primary room has its own fireplace and seating areas, the perfect setting to enjoy a peaceful evening in. Again, the neutral color palette keeps the room feeling fresh, without being one bit boring.

En Suite Bath

Betty White's former private bath with white cabinet and mint green tile countertops.

The private bath connected to the primary room is another favorite of mine. While sticking to the neutral tones, the pop of mint tile on the countertop makes things a bit more vibrant. There’s plenty of space around the sink and vanity area, yet it doesn’t lose the feeling of being quaint. I like that the material of the chair shows the continuity of including natural design elements. 

Dining Room

Betty White's former dining room with glass table, stylish chairs, and vaulted ceilings.

How lovely is this dining area? Right next to the kitchen, the room opens up with even more vaulted ceiling and large windows. The glass table is aesthetically pleasing, and I love the unique style of dining chairs. It definitely stays true to the beach home style.

Seaside Views

An outdoor deck with outdoor chairs overlooking the vast ocean.

Right outside the dining room, you’ll find yourself outdoors. The outdoor decks look right over the dreamy garden, and then seemingly endless miles of water. It’s amazing how the transition from indoor and outdoor areas of this home feels almost seamless.

Greenery and Gardens

A garden surrounding a pathway that leads right to the beach.

Finally, we can’t overlook this garden that looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale! It’s been reported that the impressive garden has been kept up by the same gardener since the home was built. The bright, lush colors and perfectly manicured lawn lead down a pathway that will take you right to the sandy beach — the best of both worlds! 

The combination of nature’s beauty and the luxurious living space make Betty White’s former California home a dream vacation property. There is something about mid-century modern interiors that just feels so serene. Doesn’t this make you want to find a beach house of your own?