12 Creative Spring Crafts to Brighten Up Your Front Door

The spring season is upon us and brighter days are ahead. I always enjoy brightening up my home to reflect the season. Decorating with bright colors and fresh blooms brings me joy. One fun way to decorate for the season is by adding a little charm to your front door. For inspiration, I’ve gathered some creative spring crafts to help you beautify your front door. Enjoy!

A Funnel of Blooms

A bouquet of beautiful flowers inside a metal funnel hanging on a lavender door.

How stunning is this door piece? Who would have thought a metal funnel could be so beautiful paired with a floral arrangement? It’s a good balance of masculine and feminine. The contrast is unexpected and visually stimulating.

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Rainbow Inspired Wreath

A rainbow colored wreath made with plastic eggs wrapped in colored fabric.

This lovely color palette screams spring. Create this rainbow look by wrapping plastic eggs in different colored fabrics. Also, choose plastic eggs in different sizes to add depth. To create more visual interest and texture, add greenery throughout the wreath.

Tasteful Tulips

An umbrella filled with tulips and tied with a ribbon hanging on a door.

What a beautiful and unique way to display a bouquet of tulips. This look is easy to accomplish. All you need is an umbrella, a bouquet of flowers, and a matching ribbon to complete the look.

Bloomin’ Boots

Bouquets of white flowers inside rain boats hanging on a door.

Using rain boots as a vessel is another unique way to put together a spring door display. To keep the flowers upright, place vases inside the boots. For a rustic touch, finish off the display with some burlap.

A Basket Full of Sunshine

A woven basket filled with bright colored flowers hanging on a door.

This cheerful basket of flowers is adorable. The colors are bright and energizing and pair well with the woven basket. I love the texture that the basket adds.

Watering Can Posy

A bouquet of flowers inside a watering can hanging on a door.

This is another delightful way to display a floral arrangement on your door. Simply place a bouquet in a watering can and hang it up. The hand-painted floral design makes this watering can even more special.

Soft + Feminine

A simple gold wreath with faux flowers and greenery on a door.

This wreath is simple, yet ethereal. It contrasts well with the rustic door. To create this look, all you need is a simple gold wreath from a craft store, a few faux flowers, and some greenery.

Crepe Lemon Wreath

A wreath of lemon and leaves made with crepe paper.

I adore this lemon wreath made with crepe paper. The splash of yellow is a fresh way to add some vibrancy to your front door. Not to mention, it’s easy to make.

Moss and Twine Birdhouse Wreath

A moss wreath with twine wrapped around it with a yellow birdhouse hanging down from the middle.

Spring is not complete without the sound of birds chirping, so this wreath and birdhouse combo is perfect! It’s easy to achieve by wrapping twine around a moss wreath and using the twine to attach the birdhouse as well. The yellow birdhouse adds a bright and cheerful pop of color.

Pretty + Precious

A beautiful wreath made from tulips in variations of pink against a teal door.

Tulips are a classic spring flower and I love the variety of tones on this wreath. It has a soft and feminine look and the blades of greenery poking out add character. It contrasts beautifully against the teal door.

Fabulous Forshythia

A forsythia wreath finished off with a mint colored bow.

Forsythia looks beautiful wrapped around a wreath. It pairs surprisingly well with a mint-colored bow. The mix of the colors creates a look that’s both calm and uplifting.

Succulent Beauty

A succulent wreath with green and purple tones.

A succulent wreath is great for spring and versatile enough to leave up all year long. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that’s not too feminine. It’s a little more neutral but still stunning to look at.

I hope you enjoyed these creative spring crafts that can brighten up your door. As you can see there are many unique ways to create a spring display. You can personalize any of these ideas by choosing the blooms or colors of your choice. Which spring craft was your favorite?

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