Popular Interior Design Trends of 2022

The start of every year is an exciting time for design lovers. It’s a time when we can contemplate the biggest design trends and how we’d like to incorporate them into our work. Just like 2021, the trends this year reflect spending more time in our homes. Join me as we explore the interior design trends of 2022. Maybe you’ll get inspired to try some of these trends in your own home.


Minimalism has been popular for quite some time, but things are shifting in a different direction. While minimalism is all about “less is more”, maximalism is all about embracing the extra. It involves rich palettes and luxurious fabrics. It’s also common to see mixed patterns and layers of color and texture. An old-school maximalism trend that has also been popular as of late is grandmillennial decor.

A maximalist room with a long window seat, colorful pieces, patterned pillows, multiple rugs and a large art piece.

This maximalist room is fun and eclectic. The bright colors and patterned pillows add a punch of personality to the room. As you can see, there are various textures from the cowhide rug to the velvet pillows and fuzzy window seat. There are also multiple statement pieces like the colorful oversized art piece and the patterned chaise.

Meditation Nooks

With so much going on in our world, it’s no surprise that people are craving a quiet place to disconnect. More and more people are creating special quiet places in their homes as a place to retreat. These spaces can be used for meditation, journaling, or much-needed alone time.

A meditation nook with a jute rug, cozy chair, wooden foot rest, and bookshelf.

Using organic materials and light colors can really help make a space feel grounded. A corner of a room or enclosed area is a perfect area for a meditation nook. All it needs is space for one and all the things that make you feel relaxed.

Warm, Cozy Hues

Warm colors like rich chocolate hues and lighter camel colors are trending. Warmer alternatives to white are becoming more popular like taupe, beige, and cream. This is because warmer colors tend to be more welcoming. As we have been spending more time in our homes, we have been craving cozier palettes.

A bedroom with a dark wooden bedroom set, neutral bedding, and a large palm plant.

I love the dark brown bedroom set in the room above. I appreciate the unfinished look of the wooden pieces. They complement well with the large palm plant beside the bed.

Dark Kitchens

Overall warm, cozy hues, as well as dark and moody colors, are trending. Some popular moody colors include deep purple, hunter green, and black. Dark kitchens are becoming more common. These darker kitchens are commonly paired with leathered stones for a moody and stylish look.

A kitchen with black cabinetry and a geometric backsplash.

I love how modern and classy this kitchen above looks. The white countertops add contrast and the geometric backsplash adds an incredibly stylish flair. I also love the cutout storage space built into the overhead cabinetry.

Traditional Details

Many people are seeking to create a sense of both comfort and timelessness in their homes. The desire for traditional details is on the rise. This look includes natural, organic materials like marble and real wood. Antique details are incorporated into the space as well.

A traditional style living room with a neutral color palette.

Neutral color palettes are common in traditional design like in the living room pictured above. The subtle patterns on the sofa add visual interest and the floral arrangement adds a pop of color. The stacks of books on the table make the space feel sophisticated.

I hope you enjoyed exploring the interior design trends of 2022 with me. Overall, they showcase the need to feel even more comfortable, relaxed, and warm in our homes. It also shows the need to really make our homes our own and reflections of who we are.

Which design trend was your favorite?