Patrick Rubinstein’s Kinetic Pop Art

It’s exciting to see artists create their own innovative spin on an existing genre of art. I’m already a huge fan of pop art. So when artists added an innovative technique to it and introduced what is now known as Kinetic Pop Art, I was hooked. One master at this technique is Parisian artist, Patrick Rubinstein. Join me as we explore Patrick Rubinstein’s Kinetic Pop Art.

About the Artist

Artist Patrick Rubinstein standing outside of Gallerie Montmarte.

Patrick Rubinstein is a French artist who currently works and lives in Paris. In 2013, he ranked 89th on the list of the top 100 rated French artists. He is known internationally for his pieces inspired by Pop Art, Street Art and Optical Art, also known as Op Art/Kinetic Art. Born in 1960, he grew up during the time that Op Art was growing popular.

What makes his art so fascinating is that you can see several works in one piece. That is the beauty of the process. He creates his pieces in three dimensions. As you move past his artworks, the pieces come alive. You can see a different piece depending on what angle you are viewing the artwork from.

Patrick Rubinstein’s Artwork

Catwalk Girl

A piece by Patrick Rubinstein with Kate Moss.

Patrick Rubenstein grew up during the geneisis of pop culture with Brittish Rock and American Cinema at the forefront. It influences a lot of his work still to this day. A majority of his pieces incorporate pop culture icons. This piece captures Kate Moss. Viewing it from one angle you can see a predominately black and white image. As you move and view it from another angle, the image starts to shift to the one on the right with a colorful selection of words.

All You Need is 3 Love

A piece by Patrick Rubinstein with the message "All You Need is Love."

This piece incorporates a collage of many iconic faces from Gandhi and Dali to David Bowie and Einstein. These are the three versions of the piece you can see from different angles. As you move from left to right, you’ll be able to read the complete message “All You Need Is Love, Love, Is All You Need”. I love the bright colors and the Gold Foil visible when looking at this piece straight on.

Who Wants A Fight with Andy?

A piece by Patrick inspired by Andy Warhol.

This art piece features one of the most prolific artists in Pop Art, Andy Warhol. The left side is a collage of some of Andy’s most recognizable imagery in black and white. Staring at the photo straight on, you’ll see a portrait of Andy with crossed arms and boxing gloves. From another angle, you’ll see a grid of colorful Campbell soup cans, another image Andy is highly recognized for.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

One of Patrick's pieces using images from iconic pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

This piece features the iconic imagery of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein whose work is inspired by comic book art. From one angle, you can see a close-up of one of Roy’s images with a lady’s crying face. Patrick cleverly turned Roy’s dots into Louis Vuitton emblems. From another angle, you can see a collage of pop art images in both color and black and white.

Pink is the New Black

An art piece that has a collage of women who have made history and the words "la vie en rose".

This feminine piece has a collage of women who have made history including artistic representations of women like Venus and Aphrodite. When looking at the piece from a different angle, the faces will disappear and you’ll see a paint-splattered canvas with the words “la vie en rose”. I love how Patrick contrasts his black and white images with bright colors.

Little Teddy

Along with legends, Patrick Rubinstein also includes animals in some of his artwork. He has a few art pieces with panda imagery. This one follows the theme of a black and white image turning into a colorful pop art masterpiece.

Photos of Patrick Rubinsten’s artwork don’t do them justice since they require movement to fully enjoy. His artworks can be viewed throughout the world, and he currently has an exhibit at the Galerie Montmarte in Paris. If you are lucky enough to see his works in person, it sure is a treat.

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