Worldly Inspiration: The Stunning Interiors of Café Laperouse

As a lover of all things design, I live for stunning interiors. I enjoy getting inspiration from interiors all over the world. So when I came across the photos of Cafe Laperouse, my jaw dropped at the visuals. Join me as we explore the swoon-worthy interiors of this Parisian café.

Cafe Laperouse is located in the newly renovated Hotel de la Marine. It’s hospitality executive, Benjamin Patou’s latest venture. He is also the owner of the renowned Parisian restaurant Laperouse that has been around for 250 years. Throughout the years, the restaurant has hosted many famous names from Marcel Proust to Kate Moss.

Dining area of Cafe Laperouse with chandeliers, wood details, and comfortable seating.

The dining rooms have a living room feel to them. I love the wooden details throughout as pictured above. The multiple chandeliers and velvet seating make the space feel extra cozy and luxurious. I also like how they mixed two types of chairs to create variety.

The Design Dream Team

Owner Benjamin Patou partnered with big names in the fashion industry including head communications for LVMH Antoine Arnault and designer Cordélia de Castellane. She is the artistic director of Dior Maison and Baby Dior. It was her first time tackling interiors.

The Cafe’s Inspiration

Patou’s inspiration for his newest cafe was a portrait he stumbled upon at the grand reception area of Hotel de la Marine. The portrait was of a man named Jean-Fracois de Galaup, count of La Perouse. He was a navigator and wine merchant who mysteriously disappeared during an expedition in 1788. 

Dining area of Cafe Laperouse with high ceilings.

Inspired by the seaman’s journey, the café displays maritime artworks throughout mixed with some Art Deco. The wood materials used in the café are inspired by the voyager’s boat. The high ceiling is dressed in a dark blue and white striped fabric to invoke the feeling of being out on the water.

I love the color palette of the dining room above — wood with mustard and teal. It makes the space feel cheerful while still being sophisticated and chic. The use of mirrors makes the space appear larger. The arched walls add dimension.

Dining area of Cafe Laperouse with blue color pallete.

DeCastelle also drew inspiration for the interiors from Laperouse’s travel destinations. Tierra del Fuego, Easter Island, Hawaii, and Japan are just some of the places he traveled to. Wicker furniture and blue tones in the cafe represent his tropical destinations. To create the custom floral wallpapers, Castellane drew influence from Pacific Islands flowers.

I’m loving all the blue in the photo above. Blue is my favorite color after all. The seating is also lovely and the spiral wooden legs make them even more special. The ottoman has a vintage look adding character and charm.

The Terrace

Outdoor terrace of Cafe Laperouse.

Cafe Laperouse has two dining areas and two terraces. The outdoor terrace overlooks the Place de la Concorde. The topiary and floral centerpieces really add to the ambiance.

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Outdoor terrace with view of Place de Concorde.

Cafe Laprouse is not only a gorgeous restaurant and bar but it has plans to also have a wine cellar, fine foods store, and shop that serves ice cream and chocolate. The owners plan to take this concept global with locations in vibrant cities like London, New York City, and even Miami.

On the Menu

As far as what’s on the menu, Cafe Laperouse serves traditional French cuisine like the croque monsieur. They also serve delicious seafood dishes from seabass and scallops to lobster rolls. For dessert, a lemon pie or delectable éclair are some options you can enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed exploring Cafe Laperouse with me. I hope the stunning visuals left you feeling inspired. It would be lovely to visit one of their locations one day. What is your favorite part about the cafe?

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