The Abstract Realist Art of Steven Teller

I am inspired by all kinds of art, especially street art. One Florida-based artist I admire who specializes in street art and large-scale public murals is Steven Teller. I appreciate the vibrant colors he uses in his work.

About Steven Teller

Steven Teller is a Fort Lauderdale native who studied art at the Savannah College of Art and Design. He travels with his artwork to different festivals, events, and mural projects across the world. The visual and metaphorical beauty of the natural world inspires his work. He loves the beautiful forms and color schemes found in nature and emulates them in his art. His artistic philosophy aims to represent the beauty and harmony of the natural world and its ability to seek growth against all odds.

Artist Steven Teller painting a mural of a bluebird amongst flowers.

His work is described as abstract realism that features human figures, animals, and nature in colorful geometric spaces. As he creates, he lets the paint lead the way. Floral imagery and birds are common subjects in his work.

Steven Teller’s Artwork

Deluge of Abundance

A colorful mural by Steven Teller of two birds perched on a branch surrounded by florals and abstract design.

This is part of Steven Teller’s gorgeous mural in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the building of Hoffman’s Chocolate. The bright colors are so vivid and stunning. The underlying theme Teller chose for this mural is that when it rains in South Florida, life becomes abundant. Plant life thrives in South Florida’s warm temperatures, high humidity, and heavy rains as a subtropical climate. This piece is a reflection of that. Ironically, it had rained almost every day that Teller worked on this mural.


A mural of a portrait of an African American woman holding a microphone and singing.

This mural, Uplift, was inspired by the poem “Lift Every Voice”. NAACP leader James Weldon Johnson wrote this poem in 1900. It is often referred to as the “Black National Anthem.” This mural is a relevant piece for our times. I love how the portrait pops out against the grayscale flowers in the background.

Mural at Virgina Shuman Young Elementary School

A mural of large bright blue flowers.

I absolutely love the detail of these blue flowers. This mural is located at Virginia Shuman Elementary school, a school that promotes creative learning. I’m sure this mural really helps create an inspiring atmosphere for the students.

Shedding Layers

A vivid mural of orange flowers and a bird with its silhouette.

This beautiful piece is called Shedding Layers painted in Atlantic Beach, FL. Steven Teller stated on his Facebook that this piece was all about shedding off old layers, shifts in perception, and walking forward into new realms and explorations. The silhouette of the bird. This piece reveals how everything is temporary and the importance of staying open-minded and adaptable to change.

Pride Center Project

Steven Tell was selected to paint 3,000 square feet of mural art for The Pride Center’s Equality Park campus out of over 90 artists that applied. The Pride Center is an inclusive home that celebrates, nurtures, and empowers LGBTQ+ communities in South Florida. They provide an affordable housing community with customized support services for LGBTQ+ seniors. Before beginning his work on the murals, Teller interviewed members of the local LGBTQ+ community so he could capture the essence of the center in his work. This showcases the intentionality behind his work.

Part of Steven Teller's mural at the Pride Center with floral and bird imagery.

Above is part of his mural art at the Pride Center. I love how the bluebird and robin are both pictured in flight. Another part of the mural includes lettering that says “Nurture & Grow in Community,” a beautiful message for the residents at the Pride Center.

Part of Steven Teller's mural at the Pride Center with lettering that says "Nurture & Grow in Community."

Steven Teller likes to use his artwork to provide healing moments. He says that the goal of his artwork is to always leave his viewers feeling positive. I think it’s safe to say that he’s achieved this. When you look at the bright and cheerful colors in his artwork it’s hard not to feel good. Don’t you agree?

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