11 Stylish Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathrooms are a part of our homes that we spend a lot of time in. A good chunk of our mornings and evenings are spent in them. It should be a relaxing place that makes us feel excited and refreshed. One easy way to decorate a bathroom is with tiles. They come in many different sizes, materials, and patterns. I’ll be sharing some stylish bathroom tile ideas for inspiration.

Try Zellige Tiles

A bathroom with a shower and tub in light green marble and zellige floor tiles.

How gorgeous is this green marble tub and shower? It pairs beautifully with the zellige floor tiles. This bathroom has a very calming and organic appeal. Just looking at it can make you feel relaxed.

Mix Different Shapes

A bathroom with bubblegum pink subway tiles and leaf shaped floor tiles in the same color.

Create visual interest in your bathroom by mixing different shapes. I love this vertical layout of subway tiles paired with leaf-shaped floor tiles. Mixing shapes is a great way to provide contrast with a monochromatic look. The bubblegum pink makes this bathroom look bright and uplifting.

Place Tile on the Built-in Shelves

A shower with built-in shelves and bright blue hexagon tiles.

There’s so much to love about this bathroom shower. How cool are the built-in shelves for extra storage? I like how they are also covered in tile. The unique hexagonal shapes of the tile look beautiful in bright blue with contrasting grout. The gold showerhead makes the space look extra stunning.

Add a Twist to the Classics

A shower with white subway tile and patterned black and white floor tiles.

You can never go wrong with classic white subway tiles. Make the look more interesting by pairing them with a patterned floor tile as pictured above. The stripe of black tile towards the top ties the look together. The hanging plants add color and warmth.

Use Two Colors

A bathroom with light pink and white tiles and wood beams.

Create a fun pattern by choosing two different colored tiles. I love that the tile is paired with natural wood beams. It gives the bathroom a laid-back look without sacrificing style.

Embrace the Terrazzo Trend

A bathroom with a terrazo shower wall.

In recent years, the terrazzo trend has been coming back strong. It comes in many different variations from the colors of the specks to their size. It has a very unique look and can camouflage blemishes well.

Splurge on Handpainted Tiles

A bathroom vanity with hand painted green and black tiles.

Handpainted tiles might be a little more expensive, but they can really make your bathroom stand out. These leaf-patterned tiles are ultra-cool. The good thing is that once you spend on the tiles, your decorating is pretty much done since the tiles steal the show.

Be Worldly

A bathroom with black walls, white cabinetry and Aztec patterned tile flooring.

You can’t go wrong with black and white. The color combo can instantly elevate a space. The Aztec floor tiles give off worldly vibes. They blend the black walls and white cabinetry wonderfully, creating a cohesive look. The gold details top off the look, while the wooden dresser grounds the space.

Stick to the Classic Herringbone

A bathroom vanity with a emerald green herringbone tile backdrop.

Herringbone has always been a popular style for bathrooms and it’s not hard to see why. The emerald green tiles look stunning with the gold fixtures. The glossy texture of the tiles gives the bathroom an upscale aesthetic.

Highlight One Wall

A shower with intricate tile design on one wall.

This stunning tile wall is so intricately detailed. It looks like a beautiful quilt. With something so detailed, it’s a great idea to stick to one wall. Keep the surrounding colors understated to make it really stand out.

Use the Same Shape in Different Styles

A bathroom with hexagon shaped wall and floor tiles in different colors.

In this bathroom, the hexagon shape is used both on the floor and wall. Although they are the same shape, the different colors add visual interest. I like how the floor tiles look textured. It’s a subtle detail that creates a nice statement.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of stylish bathroom tile ideas. As you can see, there are many unique ways to upgrade your bathroom. Which was your favorite design?

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