5 Fun Ideas for Summer Entertaining

This past Memorial Day weekend marked the unofficial start of summer. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine with good friends and family. I’ve compiled a list of ideas for summer entertaining. I hope they help you create the perfect setup to enjoy precious moments with great company.

Have a Pool Party

An African American couple enjoying the pool with their daughter in a pool float.

If you have a pool, invite people over for a pool party or make it a point to enjoy the pool with your family. At your pool party, offer your guests refreshing drinks or summer cocktails. One way to elevate the experience is to prepare fruit-filled ice cubes. It’s a unique way to keep your drinks cold while enhancing the presentation.

Ice cubes filled with fruit.

Even if you don’t have a pool, you can entertain your children with a slip and slide. Another option is to rent a home with a pool through Airbnb or Vrbo and turn it into a little staycation. Or if you really want to go all out, plan a tropical getaway to the Albany.

Rent a Boat

A group of friends in a boat with hands up in the air.

If you live near a body of water, renting a boat with close friends or family could make for a memorable evening. Even if you don’t live close by water, you can turn it into a nice day trip. There are many different types of watercrafts you can rent from luxury boats to pontoons. For a romantic excursion with your significant other, consider renting a sailboat. Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than spending time out on the water.

Have a Beer or Wine Tasting

A close up of a flight of craft beers.

Depending on your preference, you can host a beer or wine tasting. Curate a selection of craft beer or your favorite wines and invite over some friends. If you’re hosting a craft beer tasting, be sure to include seasonal summer beers to enjoy.

Host a BBQ

Summer and barbecues go hand in hand. Summer is the perfect season to put your grill to good use. Consider hosting a gathering with delicious barbecue. Make it more exciting by creating your own spin on a traditional BBQ.

Multi-generational family members gathered by a grill.

Try some of these ideas to make your BBQ more special. Instead of only sticking to the typical hamburgers and hot dogs, consider offering more options like brisket, pulled pork, or ribs. Create even more variety by offering popular side dishes like mac and cheese, collard greens, and cornbread. You can also invite guests to bring whatever they would like to grill.

A close up of a hot dog bar with people adding toppings and condiments.

Another way to make your BBQ more unique is by turning it into a slider party. Mini sliders make for excellent presentation. Another option is to set up a hot dog bar with an array of different toppings.

Host an Outdoor Themed Dinner Party

You may prefer to host a summer gathering in the evening when it’s cooled down and the sun is less harsh. Host an outdoor dinner party and make it fun by choosing a theme. This will give you ideas on how to decorate. You can create beautiful summer tablescapes based on your theme.

An ocean themed tablescape with white candles and seashells.

For example, your theme could be a seaside bash. You could use shells and cork to decorate your table. White candles look stunning inside clear vases as pictured above.

Creating the right ambiance is always important when it comes to entertaining. To make things feel more festive, you can hang colorful streamers or banners. In the evening, you can never go wrong with string lights. For something different, try decorative paper lanterns.

For more ideas on how to create beautiful outdoor spaces, check out this post.

I hope these fun ideas for summer entertaining have inspired you to gather together your closest family and friends. These are great ways to make your memories more special. I’m sure we can all appreciate some extra time together now that the pandemic seems to be slowing down. Treasure those moments together!