How to Create A Luxe Look for Less

With so much more time spent at home since the pandemic, it’s no wonder that many have felt the urge to create a sense of luxury within their homes. Unsurprisingly, it became one of the top design trends of Spring 2021. Adding a touch of luxe can make our homes feel more indulgent. It can make us feel special and cheer us up. But having an upscale look doesn’t have to break the bank. I’ve gathered some tips on how you can have a luxe look for less.

Mix Textures

A bedroom with mixed textures.

One way you can create a luxurious look in your home is by mixing textures. If everything in your room is the same texture, it can make your space look flat and uninteresting. Mixing a variety of textures is an easy remedy to add dimension and will make your space more dynamic.

A sofa with an assortment of velvet cushions on it.

When creating a luxe look for less, it can also be helpful to take note of the fabrics that inherently give off that regal look. That includes lush fabrics like faux fur and velvets. An affordable way to add some velvet into your home is through velvet cushion covers.

Spruce Up Your Hardware

A kitchen with metallic hardware.

Swapping out your hardware like cabinet and drawer pulls is an easy way to make your spaces look more modern and chic. You can do this to your kitchen cabinets or bedroom vanity and furniture. Metallic hardware is an excellent choice since the shine can really elevate a space.

Sprinkle in Gold Accents

A close up of a gold end table and chair with gold accents.

Speaking of metallics, gold has always been associated with riches and glamour. Adding in gold accents is a simple way to create a high-end look. It can give your space a warm glow. I have some stunning gold pieces in my Amazon shop if you want to take a browse.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

A bathroom vanity with soap dispensers and matching decorative containers.

Small upgrades in your bathroom can also make the whole home feel more upscale. Something as simple as putting your hand soap in a decorative dispenser can make a huge difference. Small details like matching decorative containers can also have a big impact.

Add a Statement Rug

A living room with a leather chair, ottoman, and shaggy, patterned rug.

The magic of a statement rug is that it adds warmth, texture, and color. It truly brings everything in the space together. Another benefit is that it helps define different spaces. Large area rugs can really make a space feel more swanky.

Mimic Architectural Elements

A living room with velvet sofas and architectural details on the back wall.

You can make your home feel more special and distinct by mimicking architectural elements. There are many affordable ways to do this. You can simply do it with paint. You can also add panels or trim between ceilings and walls. Another hack is to create the illusion of built-ins with floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

Make Your Space Appear Bigger Than it Is

Making your space appear bigger than it is can also give off the feeling of luxury. You can do this simply by playing with proportion. The following tips can help you make your home feel more open and spacious.

Hang Curtains High for the Illusion of Height

A living room with yellow curtains hung high.

One trick is to hang your curtains up close to the ceiling as opposed to directly over the window. This will make it feel like your ceiling is higher than it actually is. For example, in the photo above the yellow curtains are significantly higher than where the windows end.

Use Transparent Furniture

Since transparent furniture visually has no weight to it, it helps give the illusion of more space. In addition to that, they look super stylish. From chairs to coffee tables and accessories, lucite furniture comes in many different forms.

A small desk with gold details and lucite chair.

I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to create a luxe look for less in your home. You work hard; you deserve to feel like royalty. Which tips are you most excited to implement in your home?