Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

With this season’s cool breeze and moderate sunshine, it’s the ideal weather to spend more time outdoors. You may consider sprucing up your backyard by adding a gazebo, pergola, or outdoor furniture. I’ve gathered together some beautiful outdoor spaces for inspiration. Enjoy!

Gorgeous Gazebos

A large gazebo with picnic tables and a fireplace in the center.

I love this large spacious gazebo with a fireplace in the center. The lights on the roof help to create the perfect ambiance. There is sufficient space to host a lovely outdoor gathering with close family and friends.

A white fabric gazebo with white drapery and outdoor furniture.

This gazebo makes this backyard look like it’s part of a resort. All the white makes the space look clean and crisp. The draped curtains really give the space an elevated look. They also add a great option for increased privacy. The grass and square pavers look stunning in this space as well.

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An gazebo with a thatched roof, a stone fireplace in the center, and a large television.

It’s tropical vibes with this thatched roof gazebo. The large television makes this an ideal spot to watch movies with the family while enjoying some fresh air. The space feels secluded and peaceful. I love the stone pavers and fireplace.

A gazebo area with black slat siding, colorful stenciled flooring, an outdoor sectional, and a swing chair.

This boho eclectic space is so dreamy. The stenciled flooring brings so much character and brightness to this patio area. The patterns on the throw pillows are beautiful and really stand out against the white outdoor sectional. The large hanging ferns complete the space.

An outdoor living room with a wall of greenery and a pouf chair.

This gazebo has a very unique roof structure. This stylish outdoor space looks like an outdoor living room. The large art piece hanging on the wall and pouf chair make it feel that way. I love how the tall shrubs act as a nautral screen for privacy.

A luxurious, designer gazebo with colored lighting and waterfall feature.

This has got to be one of the fanciest gazebos I’ve come across. This luxurious gazebo was designed by Darren James Interiors. It looks so modern and sleek. I am especially in love with the water feature. The colored lighting adds an extra cool factor.

Stunning Pergolas

A poolside pergola with a loveseat swing hanging from it.

This pergola is gorgeous and the hanging swing looks super inviting. It looks like a wonderful spot to snuggle up underneath the stars at night. I also really enjoy the landscaping around it.

A pergola nearby a fireplace, outdoor furniture, and a blue striped rug.

This outdoor space looks bright and cheerful. I love the dark color of the pergola. The pillows and throw blankets make the space look cozy. The blue striped rug really helps to ground the space while adding color. The potted plants lined up on the fireplace are a wonderful touch.

A pergola as an outdoor extension to a home with outdoor furniture and string lights hanging from above.

This is a great example of building a pergola as an extension of your home. String lights hanging above are always an excellent touch to an outdoor space. They really add something special to the ambiance. I also love the hanging plants along the perimeter.

A white pergola with black outdoor furniture and neutral colored curtains and accents.

I love the contrast of the white pergola and black furniture in this outdoor space. The neutral curtains and accents help tone down the contrast. It feels very classy yet laidback. I like that there are multiple seating areas. It could make an ideal spot for entertaining. The potted flowers add an extra touch of beauty.

Outdoor furniture underneath a white pergola with white columns.

I adore the look of the white columns on this pergola. They pair well with the white fencing. The natural elements draped around the top of the pergola add a beautiful rustic feel to the space. I also like how they dangled a chandelier from the top of the pergola, adding character.

I hope these beautiful outdoor spaces inspired you to elevate your own outdoor spaces. Spending time outdoors is good for the soul. I tried to create a variety of different design styles. Which one is your favorite? Happy decorating!