10 Unique Ideas for Spring Floral Arrangements

I love springtime for the sunshine and fresh blooms. During this season, I enjoy making my home a little more bright and cheerful to match the season. Adding spring floral arrangements is one of my favorite ways of doing this. I love seeing new, innovative ways to create them. Here are a few of my favorite unique floral arrangements.

Hang a Floral Door Basket

A women basket of peonies and greenery hung on a white door with gold handle.

A great alternative to placing a wreath on your door is an adorable basket filled with gorgeous blooms. Isn’t this arrangement of peonies and greenery precious? The dangling ribbon is a great finishing touch.

Create an Eclectic Mix

Close-up of an eclectic mix of flowers in a blue vase.

There are so many beautiful spring staples it can be hard to narrow them down. You can create an eclectic mix by combining unexpected blooms. Some wonderful options to mix and match are daffodils, poppies, and grape hyacinths.

Give Each Flower a Starring Role

A variety of spring flowers in individual bud vases.

One unique way to arrange flowers is by placing a few different types in their own clear bud vases. Place them on a pretty tray like the silver one above. The tray helps group the blooms together without creating a cluttered look.

Use a Metallic Container

Bright colored orange flowers in a silver metallic vase.

If you are going for a glam look, a metallic vase is perfect. It gives the arrangement a touch of luxe, one of Spring 2021’s design trends. It contrasts wonderfully with bright-colored blooms, enhancing their color.

Use Non-traditional Vases

Bright colored dahlias in a white tea pot.

Place your floral arrangements in unexpected containers like a tea or coffee pot. These dahlias look darling in this white teapot. Placing blooms in unique shapes creates a fun and playful look.

White anemones in a simple white pitcher on a dining table.

These anemones look stunning in this simple white pitcher. Their bold, black centers create a beautiful contrast against the white. The pink accents around the room truly make them pop.

Give It a Farmhouse Feel

A white floral arrangement in a vase made from sticks and twine.

To give your floral arrangement a farmhouse feel, you can line your vase with sticks and then wrap with twine. Create a vignette on a wood serving platter to add an extra level of impact. You can make it more festive by adding Easter decor.

Add in Fruits or Veggies

One unique trend that has been floating around is adding fruits and veggies to arrangements. I personally love it. They add an exciting flair and element of surprise. There are a few different ways you can add fruits or veggies to your arrangements.

Hide the Stems with Fruit Slices

A floral arrangement in a clear vase with slices of lime hiding the stems.

One way to add fruits is by lining a glass vase with fruit slices. Lime slices worked beautifully with this bunch of wildflowers. You can also use grapefruit or orange slices.

Mix Fruits into Bouquet

A floral arrangement with a lot of greenery, white flowers, and whole lemons in a birch vase.

Mixing in whole fruits into your bouquet can add a great pop of color like the lemons shown above. Paired with the white flower, it breaks up the greens nicely. The birch vase gives it a charming, rustic look.

Create a Cabbage Arrangement

An arrangement of tulips inside a cabbage vase.

For something different, use a head of cabbage as the base of your floral arrangement. This unique combination has a quirky look that’s far from basic. The green leaves pair well with the bright tulips.

Try a Beautiful Branch Display

A vase filled with apple blossom branches on a mid-century modern style bar console.

Gathering up some branches from the outdoors can make great arrangements. These long white apple blossom branches are hard not to admire. Cherry blossom branches are another excellent option.

I hope you enjoyed exploring these unique spring floral arrangements with me. From adding fruits or veggies to choosing non-traditional vases, there are many ways to make a floral arrangement stand out. These innovative floral designs are encouraging me to think outside the box. Would you try out any of these ideas in your home?

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