My Favorite Spring 2021 Design Trends

Spring is almost officially here, which means sunshine and fresh blooms. It also means new design trends. As the pandemic is still causing many of us to spend more time at home, we have been seeing our homes more as a sanctuary and this is reflected in the trends. Join me as I explore my favorite Spring 2021 design trends.

Cottage Core

A living room designed in Cottage Core style and nature tones.

Cottage Core can also fit underneath the category of Granny chic. It’s a romantic interpretation of rural life. It involves colors, patterns, and details that may remind you of your grandmother. This trend is all about comfort and coziness! It fits perfectly in a space with exposed beams. Reclaimed wood is a common element. Pieces with visible grain and texture are selected over ones with perfect finishes. Colors often consist of muted pastels.

Grounded Shades

A bedroom with grounded shades like earthy browns and neutrals.

We’ll be seeing a lot of grounded shades this season, which makes sense considering the tumultuous year we had in 2020. Our need to feel grounded will be reflected in design. This includes earth tones since they can make us feel empowered and ready to embrace change. Along with warm greens and earthy browns, we’ll see them balanced with other warm colors like rusts and deep reds. Sage green will be a popular color along with pale pinks and ocean hues.

Curved Shapes

A living room with a curved sofa and round ottoman.

In this coming season, we’ll be seeing a lot more rounded shapes in interiors. Curved shapes are more welcoming compared with pieces with hard edges. These shapes help create a space perfect for cocooning.

A Touch of Luxe

A luxurious bedroom with gorgeous throw pillows.

Since we are collectively spending more time at home, there is a need to make the home feel more indulgent. We want to pick out some items in our home that cheer us up and make us feel special. There are simple ways to make a home feel more luxe without breaking the bank. Adding in some fancy throw pillows is an easy way to elevate any space.

Contemporary Country

A window seat area decorated in a Contemporary Country style with printed wallpaper that has bird and floral imagery.

Contemporary Country is a lighthearted design notable for its mix of muted colors and folksy prints filled with character. Looks are created by mixing natural textures to create a space that’s mellow and inviting. Beautiful embroidery, meadow prints, and muted colors are attributes of this modern take on country.

Global Influence

An exotic bedroom with rich dark colors like navy and gold wallpaper and deep reds.

As travel restrictions linger, our longing for travel intensifies. It’s no wonder many are decorating their homes in a way that reflects distant places. People are trying to create spaces reminiscent of tropical getaways in an effort to make their space a relaxing place to recharge. Others are using the global influence trend to create spaces reminiscent of a safari.

A bold safari themed living room with elephant artwork on the wall.


An eco-chic open floor plan with unfinished wood elements, large house plants, and knotted light fixtures.

The eco-concious trend is continuing to ramp up. Consumers are becoming more interested in adding eco-friendly and sustainable products into their homes. One versatile item that is growing in popularity is cork. From flooring to accessories, there are many unique ways to incorporate this element.


A vintage style living area with antique furniture mixed with more versatile pieces.

Vintage is another trend that will be popular this season. It ties into the eco-friendly trend since it involves using antique or repurposed pieces. With this design style, it’s best to use a less is more approach and add plenty of contrast. It’s about using vintage pieces while still creating a look that’s timeless.

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These Spring 2021 design trends are proof that trends are heavily influenced by world events. Now, more than ever, we have a need to turn our homes into sanctuaries. These spring trends will help ground us and lift our spirits while looking into the future with hope. Which trends are your favorite?