What’s Your Design Style? Part Two

Last week, we started exploring different design styles to help you determine which styles work best for you and your home. Join me for part two as we explore even more design styles. Whether your style is soft and feminine or rustic and inviting, you’ll likely find a few favorites that can inspire your home design.

Shabby Chic

A shabby chic living room with large windows.

Shabby Chic is a design style that has a soft and feminine feel. This style originated in the 18th century. During this time it was common for generations to pass down furniture. An essential part of the shabby chic style is vintage furniture. Furniture is usually painted or distressed. The style often combines distressed and rustic features with glam accents like crystal chandeliers. It’s a look that feels cozy, yet elegant. Pale color palettes and floral patterns are typical of shabby chic interiors.

French Country

A french country living room with a fireplace.

French Country is another design style with a soft and feminine feel. It blends the styles of shabby chic, farmhouse, and traditional in a sophisticated manner. It’s notable for its use of timeless, antique furniture pieces.


A coastal bedroom with canopy bed and dark blue walls.

The Coastal design style has a bright and breezy feel just as the name suggests. It pairs neutrals and beige which mimics the sand. Pops of blue mimic the surf. As an effort to combine indoors and outdoors, window treatments are kept to a minimum. This style involves the use of light, sheer fabrics. Furniture that’s comfortable and lived in is a must. Wicker and jute are common elements in this design and no look is complete without indoor plants.

Hollywood Glam

A Hollywood Glam bedroom with a black canopy bed, vanity, and fancy chandelier.

Hollywood Glam dates back to Hollywood’s golden age in 1930s. During this time, this design style was the most popular in California. It is a mix of art deco and mid-century modern. This style often uses color combinations in high-contrast. Some examples of this include black and white or hot pink and green. This design style gives off luxurious vibes. It was not uncommon to see over-the-top chandeliers and high-gloss mirrored furniture. It’s a look that aims to be both sexy and sophisticated.


An industrial style kitchen and dining area with brick walls.

At the end of the second industrial revolution, many western European factories closed down. As a result, large vacant buildings were converted to residential neighborhoods. This phenomenon gave birth to the industrial design style.

Brick, concrete, exposed pipes and beams are all attributes that signify this style. It has a more masculine feel and can be toned down with cozy textiles. Other popular features of an industrial style interior are high ceililngs, woods, and metals. In industrial interiors, you’ll often find oversized artwork and dangling metal light fixtures. Furniture is unfinished and paired with antiques.


A Scandinavian style dining area.

Scandinavian design portrays the simplicity of life in Nordic countries. It creates a light, airy, and organic atmosphere. It can appear like a work of art while being simple and understated. This design style is relaxing and inviting. Some of the design’s key features are white walls, large mirrors, and cozy textiles. Wood in an ashy color is common along with layered fabrics, glass furniture, clean lines, and textures.


A mediterranean style bedroom with an ornate bed frame.

Countries north of the Mediterranean sea inspire the Mediterranean design style. The main sources of inspiration come from Spain, Greece, and Italy. Some features typical of this style include arches, columns, and interior balconies. Rich wood tones and ornate features also signify this style.

That wraps up our exploration of the many design styles. I hope it gave you the inspiration to create the perfect atmosphere in your home. Once you picked a design style, you’ll have a clear direction on what furniture and decor to choose for your home. You can check out a collection of my favorite pieces on my Amazon shop. Happy shopping!