Home Tour: Sheryl Crow’s Charming Southern Estate

On today’s home tour, we’ll be exploring Sheryl Crow’s charming southern estate in Nashville, Tennessee. Sheryl’s home is on a sprawling 50 acres of land not far from downtown. Her home is complete with its own chapel, recording studio, saloon, and horse stables. During Sheryl Crow’s home tour, you’ll witness her eclectic mix of unique vintage finds. All photos were found on Architectural Digest’s feature on her home.

Formal Living Room

Formal living room with religious oil painting on the wall behind a leather couch.

Throughout Sheryl’s home, you’ll find many religious photos like the oil painting in her formal living room pictured above. The photos give off a romantic feel that she adores. She particularly enjoyed pairing this painting with the leather couch she purchased from West Elm. She believes that the more worn-in the couch becomes, the better it will fit in the space.

Formal Dining Room

Formal dining room with toy horse on table, large vintage mirror, and vintage chandelier.

Something that Sheryl and I have in common is our love for horses. Not only does Sheryl have horse stables, but she also has horse statues and figurines throughout her home. The one on this formal dining room table is a-turn-of-the-19th century toy horse. The toy horse along with the antique chandelier and mirror gives off an early American feel.

Main Dining Room

Dining room surrounded by white floor to ceiling windows.

This beautiful light-filled dining room is where the Crow family eats most of their meals. I love the white floor-to-ceiling windows. They give a view of the family’s large yard, barn, and family’s horses. Of course no room in Sheryl’s home is complete without an antique. At the end of the table sits an antique tapestried sewing stool.

Outdoor Dining Room

Outdoor dining room underneath pergola with a lot of greenery and large vintage light.

It was important to Sheryl that her two boys spent more time outside in nature than they did with electronics. Many of the rooms including the den and piano room lead outside. After moving in, Sheryl added this stunning pergola so her family could enjoy an outdoor dining room. I love all the greenery in this space and the beautiful antique light fixture in the center.

Family Music Room

Music room with grand piano, wooden walls, fireplace, vintage signs, and guitar.

Hand-painted signs are amongst the many different things Sheryl likes to collect especially on her travels. She procured the “Massage” sign above from England. The paper mache elephant above the fireplace fits the lodge style of the room perfectly.

Music Studio

Sheryl Crow sitting on her grand piano at her at home music studio.

Above Sheryl’s working barn, sits a fully functioning music studio. Her original intention was to turn this room into a writing room. After soundproofing it, she realized the room was suitable enough to make records in. Three of her records have been birthed out of this studio along with Kacey Musgrave’s album, “Golden Hour.” The signs in the room are from a former German carnival.

Screened-in Porch

Screened in porch area with large vintage clock on wall, fireplace, and horse statue.

This screened-in porch is Sheryl’s family’s favorite spot during fall. They like to sit in here and listen to the birds chirp or warm up by the fireplace. I love how the wooden ceiling and door frames warm up the room and how the mirrors make the space appear larger.


A sitting area of Sheryl's saloon with leather club chairs and vintage pieces covering the walls.

This is the sitting room area of Sheryl’s saloon. A lot of writing for her albums has occurred in this space. A few fundraisers and record-release parties have taken place in this social room as well. Of course, the walls are filled with vintage game wheels and signs to match the whimsical elements of the rest of her home.


The exterior of a quaint chapel.

To create a room of pure inspiration, Sheryl had a quaint chapel built on her property. She uses the chapel to read, find stillness, and even lead group mindfulness meditations. The inside of the chapel is made up of beams, flooring, doors, and stained glass windows curated from eBay.

The interior of Sheryl's chapel with wooden beams, santa statues, and stained glass windows.

That concludes the home tour of Sheryl Crow’s whimsical Southern Estate. I hope you enjoyed viewing her home and collection of odd-ball antiques as much as I did. It’s rare to see a home with this much character. Almost every piece seems like it has a story to tell. Don’t you agree?

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