The Mystery of Alec Monopoly

Although controversial in the art world, Alec Monopoly remains one of my favorite artists. I love his satirical street style. I recently commissioned a piece by him and can’t wait until it’s finished. While some may not take him seriously, there’s no denying his success. Alec was the seventh most-searched artist in Arnet’s Price Database last year and has reached global fame.

Alec is popular amongst celebrities with clientele like Miley Cyrus and Snoop Dogg. He once painted a designer handbag for Khloe Kardashian. He made headlines for painting Oscar-winning actor, Adrien Brody’s vintage Rolls Royce. It sold for $300,000.

About Alec Monopoly

Graffiti artist, Alec Monopoly posing in front of his artwork from his Beverly Hills collection.

Graffiti artist who goes by the alias “Alec Monopoly” is originally from New York City. He has worked in various urban environments including Miami, Los Angeles, Europe, and Asia. He grew up around art since his mother was a classically trained painter. Even before the pandemic, Alec was known to cover his face to hide his identity using a medical mask or his hand.

Although Alec is a graffiti artist, he avoids vandalism. He refrains from defacing government properties or businesses. Instead, he sticks to abandoned buildings and warehouses.

Alec Monopoly's graffiti of Mr. Monopoly on the side of the building.

You can distinguish Alec’s work by various iconic pop culture characters depicted in it. Mr. Monopoly from the board game has become his mascot. It was inspired by stockbroker Bernie Madoff. It aims to criticize the billion-dollar bailouts and deregulation of major banks. Other notable characters he often includes in his work are Scrooge Duck and Richie Rich. The main themes in his artwork are success, happiness, and prosperity.

Alec Monopoly’s Artwork

Alec Monopoly's art piece entitled "Park Place" which pictures Mr. Monopoly inside a Campbell's soup can filled with money.

This piece is called Park Place from Alec’s first solo show in LA. Alec made headlines when he listed this piece for $3 million in Monopoly money. Typically, Alec’s artwork sells anywhere between $20,000-$500,000.

An art piece from Alec's Beverly Hills hotel collection with Mr. Monopoly and Richie Rich.

Above is a piece from his Beverly Hills hotel collection entitled Monopoly and Richie on top of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Alec collaborated with the iconic hotel for their first-ever on-site art installation. This art collection included skateboard decks. It also included large-format sculptures of his famous cartoon characters.

Collaborations with the Fashion World

An art piece from Alec's collaboration with fashion photographer, Helmut Newton.

It is common for Alec to do collaborations with high-end brands and well-known names in the fashion industry. Some brands he has collaborated include Tag Heuer and Philip Plein. The art piece above is a from a collaboration he did with renowned fashion photographer, Helmut Newton.

Another piece from Alec's collaboration with Hemut Newton of David Bowie with wings.

This piece is also part of Alec’s collaboration with Helmut Newton entitled Wings Over Bowie. Alec has created art pieces using portraits of other large personalities like James Bond, Madonna, and El Chapo. They are featured in his signature “ICONS” Series.

Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous

One of Alec's art pieces with Mr. Monopoly, Scrooge Duck, and designer brands in graffiti in the background.

This piece features Mr. Monopoly and Scrooge Duck. The background is filled with designer brands in graffiti. This really speaks to his upscale clientele. I love the irony of mixing designer labels with street art.

Alec's art piece with various characters with luxury hotel, yacht, and helicopter pictured.

I like this piece entitled Money Team Take Over Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc. It features all of Alec’s main characters along with Mickey Mouse and the Pink Panther. It truly showcases the lifestyles of the rich and famous complete with a yacht, helicopter, and luxury hotel.

I hope you enjoyed exploring Alec Monopoly’s artwork with me. I treasure his fun and upbeat approach to street art. It’s edgy and colorful. Alec’s popularity doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Love him or hate him — he might just be the modern-day Andy Warhol.

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