Spooky Halloween Décor

Halloween may feel a little different this year with fewer trick-or-treaters and parties. But that doesn’t mean you have to forgo your Halloween décor. Keeping things festive is a wonderful way to still celebrate the holiday while staying safe. Use the circumstances to make your Halloween décor even more exciting this year. I’ve put together some inspiration on how you can decorate your home this holiday.

Spooky Exteriors

The wonderful thing about decorating the outside of your home is that you’re not the only one who gets to enjoy your display. Everyone that passes your home will be able to admire your creativity. I always appreciate passing by decorated homes. Here are some ideas to spook up your exteriors.

Create a DIY Halloween Wreath

A black halloween themed wreath with skulls and spiders.

There are many different ways to create a Halloween wreath. Buy a wreath base from a craft store and venture down the Halloween decor aisle for some inspo. You can use festive garland to wrap around the wreath. To finish it off, glue on elements like skulls and spiders as pictured above.

Create an Immersive Experience

An exterior of a house with spooky images projected on it.

Projecting creepy images to the exterior of your wall is an excellent way to create an immersive experience and add an extra level of spookiness. There are many different options available from ghosts to zombies. These moving images can help your Halloween display really come to life.

Add more mystique with a fog machine. Another cool trick to activate all senses is to add scent to the fog. For instance, if you set up your front yard like a graveyard, you may want to add a musty scent. There are various scents available.

Spooky Interiors

If you’re used to only decorating the outside of your home, why not make the inside of your home festive, too? There are so many fun ways to do this. Not everything has to be store-bought. You can get creative and mix in some DIY elements and items you might already have.

A tablescape with candles, candlesticks, pumpkins, and bat cutouts hanging from the ceiling.

For example, you can draw and cut out bats using black paper and hang them from the ceiling as shown above. If you have candlesticks and candlestick holders, pull them out to help create those spooky vibes. Also, you can’t go wrong with placing pumpkins anywhere you please.

Make Your Bar Cart Festive

A gold bar cart decorated with different pumpkin figurines and pumpkin garland wrapped around.

The options are endless of what you can decorate. Nothing is off limits. Decorating your bar cart can add a nice touch. I love this mix of different types of pumpkin decor. The variation of sizes keeps the display interesting. I like the touch of green that the top pumpkin sits on along with the pumpkin garland wrapped around the cart.

Assemble a Vignette

Vignette on gold tray with black and gold pumpkins, gothic style candle, succulent, and vase of flowers.

Assemble a few vignettes around your home to keep the festive vibes consistent throughout your home. I love this vignette assembled on this beautiful gold tray. It’s a great example that shows not everything in your vignette has to be festive. I adore this unexpected mix of a gothic style candle, succulent, and red florals. It’s equal parts festive and stylish.

Decorate Your Home Office

A carved out pumpkin with succulent arrangement inside.

Decorating your home office for Halloween can make your work space more joyful. You can do this adding some cobwebs or some pumpkins around your desk. Another cool idea is to carve out small pumpkins and use it as a pot for some succulents as shown above.

Check out this post for more ideas on setting up the right environment for your home office.

A white shelf with Halloween decor sprinkled throughout like pumpkins, a feathered crow, and skeleton hand.

Adding spooky accents to your shelves in your home office is an exciting way to get into the Halloween spirit. Your pumpkins don’t have to be the typical orange color. You can paint them white or even paint on faces. You can paint them black — a color that always adds a touch of drama. I love the pumpkin with buffalo check pattern above. Other elements you can add to your shelf include skeleton hands, a feathered crow, or fake spiders.

I hope you now feel inspired to tackle your own spooky Halloween décor. This can be a great way to keep the mood light while the holidays may feel a little different this year. Happy decorating!