Home Styling Tips during COVID-19

Now that the world is spending a lot more time at home, many are rethinking the functionality of their homes. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to turn our home into the same space we work, exercise, eat, play, and socialize. Making some adjustments to the styling and layout of your home will help you better acclimate to the “new normal.” To help you embrace our new reality, I’m excited to share some tips on home styling during COVID.

Think about Utility and Style

Although style is important in creating an inspiring place to spend most of your time, you’ll also want to think about the utility of your space. Create spaces for the new activities you are now doing from home. It’s helpful to have designated spots for each activity. It will make your home feel more organized and give you a sense of control. Our homes are one of the few things we currently have control over. Consider creating the following spaces in your home.

Home Office

Home office with desk, sturdy chair, lamp, blue rug, and palm wallpaper nearby a window.

You may have an area of your home that you used occasionally to work from home, but it’s best to create a more permanent workspace. Invest in a quality desk and comfortable chair.

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If you have a spare room you can convert into an office that would be ideal. If not, you can always add a home office into your living room or dining room. Multifunctional pieces like drop-down desks or stylish office furniture that also work as decor can make an office fit into any space seamlessly. Try to choose an area that gets a lot of natural light. Place your home office near a window if possible.

Virtual School or Study Zone

A virtual study center facing a window with lamps, two office chairs with cabinet drawers in between.

If you have children, designate a space for their virtual school or study zone. Having a designated space will help them stay focused and productive. In contrast, if they work in the same are they play, it will be easy for them to get distracted. Separate the spaces to keep them in the right mindset for learning.

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining area with table seating for six.

When spending so much time at home, it can be easy to feel cooped up. Setting up an outdoor dining area can give you a great excuse to step outside and enjoy the outdoors. Fresh air and sunshine are great mood boosters. It’s going to be even more enjoyable as the weather starts to cool off.

Create Spaces for Alone Time

Being in close quarters with family for an extended period of time can have its drawbacks. You may start to feel an increased need for privacy. That’s why creating spaces for alone time can be beneficial. Here are some ideas on creating those places of retreat.

Reading Nook

Reading nook by windows, yellow walls, green built in seating with throw pillows, blanket, and a vase of flowers nearby.

A place to lose yourself in a good book or engaging magazine could be a nice escape. You can create this space in a cozy corner. Fill your reading nook with comfortable seating, a blanket, and a lamp. Your nose in a book will signal to the rest of your family that you don’t want to be bothered.

Yoga and Meditation Room

Yoga room with yoga mat, a spot to hang towels, hanging plants, and artwork on the wall made from nature.

With all the uncertainty going on in the world, it’s important to find ways to keep our inner peace. A designated space for yoga and meditation is an excellent way to center ourselves and find a sense of calm. You can use a relaxing spa-like bathroom or a small room with a yoga mat. Create the right ambiance with candles or essential oils.

Comfort Is Key

Bright and cheerful living room with yellow sectional, throw pillows, hanging plant, and floor to ceiling window views.

Now that everyone is spending the majority of their time at home, comfort should be the new priority. Get rid of that white couch no one is allowed to sit on and replace it with a comfy LoveSac that fits the whole family. A cozy and comfortable home will make your living space more enjoyable.

Home stying during COVID gives us the opportunity to be more creative with the use of our homes. I hope this gives you ideas to make the most of your multi-functional living space. Making these simple changes will help you appreciate this extra time at home. For other home improvement projects to keep yourself busy during COVID-19, check out this post.