Highlights from High Point Market: Celadon Art’s Virtual Showroom

I’m excited to continue sharing highlights from the High Point Market with you. High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world. It brings more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina every six months and is pretty much the fashion week of home furnishings. You get to discover the newest home products and trends. This year, the event is being held online with virtual showrooms, and they’re really cool! Last week, I wrote about Surya’s virtual showroom. This week, we’ll take a look at Celadon Art’s virtual showroom at High Point Market.

I am particularly delighted to showcase my favorites from this virtual showroom since it focuses on art. As a fine artist myself, art holds a special place in my heart. You can view my art collection here. The Celadon Art virtual showroom has a great mix of different collections from abstract to contemporary. Let me show you a few of my favorites.

Allegro I

Abstract art piece with neutral background and bold blue strokes titled "Allegro I," featured in Celadon Art's virtual showroom at High Point Market.

This abstract piece called “Allegro I” by Celement Designs has a neutral background with strong brushstrokes in a bold deep blue. I love how the brushstrokes communicate rhythm and movement fitting to its name, Allegro. The word means a brisk tempo.

Angora Goat

Potrait of an angora goat; its curly hair covers its eyes.

I’m an animal lover so I couldn’t help but add a few animal portraits from Celement Designs Modern Farmhouse collection. How precious is this photo of an Angora Goat in desperate need of a haircut? It’s in competition with my next favorite…

Highland Calf

An adorable photo of a highland calf.

It’s impossible to look at this portrait of a highland calf and not smile. It looks as though this calf is still getting used to its new horns. These farm animal photos would work perfectly in a modern farmhouse style home.

Modern Farmhouse Homage

A potrait of a light brown horse embracing a white horse with blurred background.

Of course I had to include this one since horses are one of my favorite animals. This photo from the Modern Farmhouse collection is particularly sweet since the horses are caught mid nuzzle. I like how the blurred background puts all the focus on the horses. 

Nautilus IV

An acrylic shell piece with a swirl-like design in gold and blush tones.

This dreamy shell, also by Celement Designs, is perfect for a coastal theme and reminds me of a similar piece of art from Christopher Guy. I especially love the gold and blush tones of this shell. Its swirl-like design is mesmerizing. This raised acrylic will be sure to add dimension to any space.

Floral Blush

A floral painting with warm pastel colors.

This painting, Floral Blush, by artist Lisa Ridgers is such a delight. The color palette is just darling with its warm pastel tones.

Braque Inspired – Oiseau

A black and ivory art piece with bird imagery.

This braque-inspired acrylic would be a perfect way to add black accents to your home—one of the top design trends for Spring 2020. I love the use of negative space in this piece. The way the dynamic shapes come together to create beautiful bird imagery is mesmerizing.

House on a Hill I

A painting of a house on a hill; blush and green grass contrasted against an open sky.

I love the relaxing vibes that this painting, House On A Hill I, gives. The contrast of the blush and green grasses against the soft skies brings feelings of peace and solitude.

Parissiene Page – XIII

An art piece made with a vintage document and abstract design on top.

I find this Parissiene Page – XIII piece so interesting because of its use of mixed media. I appreciate how it’s a combination of vintage (from the old document) and modern (with its abstract shapes).


A set of three art pieces creating an image of an open coastal sky contrasting with a dark foreground.

This triptych by artist Julie Devine is fitting to its name, “Retreat”. The dark colors on the bottom contrasting with the coastal sky add drama to this beautiful scene. It transports you to an outdoor oasis, tying into the biophilic trend.

I hope you enjoyed exploring some of my favorite art pieces from the Celadon Art’s virtual showroom at High Point Market. Check out the virtual showroom for yourself to view the rest of the art collections. I would love to know which ones were your favorite.