Trendy Home Office Ideas for 2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are now working from home in record numbers. As a result, home offices are more important now than ever before. It’s true that your home office should be conducive to productivity. However, just because your home office is a place to work doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

If you’re going to spend 8+ hours of your day in this space, you should make it an inspiring place to be. The right decor can help stimulate your creativity and increase your productivity. Use some inspiration from the top design trends of 2020 to create a trendy home office that will make you feel excited to get to work.

Biophilic Home Offices

Tropical workspace with simple desk, realistic palm wallpaper, plants, botanical artwork, herringbone wooden floors, and hanging light bulb fixtures.

This home office will make you feel like you are working from a tropical oasis. The palm wallpaper looks so realistic. The large plants and botanical artwork also bring the feeling of the outdoors in. The hanging lightbulbs and herringbone wooden floors make this space even more unique.

Home office with white color palette, black accents, large window, and plants.

I could imagine getting a lot of work done in this refreshing home office. This bright, fresh space creates the perfect atmosphere to clear your head and stay focused. The windows are great for bringing in some natural light. The plants and windows create a lively mood that can help keep you energized.

Bedroom Offices

Home office in a bedroom with gorgeous canopy bed, unique desk in dark wood, and klismos chair.

You may feel tempted to jump back to bed in this home office, but it sure is beautiful. The rich wooden desk with gold details is one-of-a-kind, and I love the klismos chair. The canopy bed is gorgeous, while the patterned carpet adds character.

Guest bedroom with two small twin canopy beds, a small desk, ethnic rug, and Turkish tapestry on the wall.

If you don’t have an extra room for an office, creating a home office in a guest room is a great option. Isn’t this home office/guest room combination charming? I adore the lace linens draped over the canopy beds. They work unexpectedly well with the Turkish suzani on the wall and ethnic rug.

Home Offices with Geometric Patterns

Stylish office nook, with desk, stylish gold lamp, lucite chair, built in bookshelf, and geometric wallpaper.

This office nook is incredibly stylish. It incorporates the geometric trend brilliantly through the wallpaper. The bookshelf does a great job of breaking up the pattern. I especially adore the gold lamp and its unique shape, and I’ve always been a fan of a lucite chair.

Large office space with built in bookshelf on back wall, contemporary furniture, and geometric patterned floor.

I love the open floor plan of this home office/living room and how spacious it is. The geometric floors tone down the formality of the space and make it more modern. The beautiful contemporary couch and chair nearby are the perfect spots for occasional breaks.

Home Offices with Green Accents

Coastal style bedroom with two twin beds, lime green desk and lamps in between, and rich blue walls.

This workspace is giving off funky coastal vibes. The lime green desk and lampshades contrast beautifully with the rich blue wall and white bedsheets. This is a great setup for a children’s room giving them an inspiring place to homeschool.

Home office with white desk, bright green accent wall with white trim, white sheer curtains, funky white pendant light, and zebra print rug.

The green walls bring a sense of cheerfulness and calm into this home office. It looks great with the white trim and sheer curtains. The zebra rug makes this room more playful and stylish. The statement lighting is a nice touch, too.

Home Offices with Black

Sophisticated home office with stylish pendant light, framed artwork, black desk, gold details, and navy wall.

This beautiful navy wall looks stunning with the black desk and chair. The gold trim on the chair and accessories add an extra layer of style. The rug adds a splash of character into this sophisticated room. 

Home office with wooden furniture, framed artwork, sleek black desk, and black and white rug.

I love how the combination of black and wood can create a look that is equal parts stylish and laid back. Notice how neatly the desk is styled, too. Avoiding clutter is another important factor in creating an inspiring home office.

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There are many ways to incorporate this year’s top trends into your home office. I hope this post motivates you to create a trendy home office that fills you with inspiration and boosts your productivity!