Green Accents Inspiration

Green is having its moment in 2020. Not only is it prevalent in the biophilic design trend, but green accents are also on the list of the top design trends this year. You can add green accents through paint, pillows, or plants! In addition to green accessories, you can add in green furniture pieces. There are many ways to add a little more green to your home.

Green is an easy color to work with because it’s pleasant to the eyes. It combines beautifully with other natural hues. The color can make you feel more connected to nature and creates a relaxing and comfortable space. Green embodies hope, renewal, and growth. 

Green is also a very versatile color. With many different shades of green, you can achieve many different vibes. For a warm, fall feel, use darker shades like olive. For a look that’s playful and energetic, use bright greens. Opt for emerald if you are trying to achieve a look that is bold and striking.

Green Furniture Pieces

Living room with light green sofas, light colored wood, and gray rug.

The green furniture really grounds this living space and evokes a feeling of peace. The pieces pair well with the gray rug. They also complement the light wood flooring wonderfully.

Living room with emerald green velvet couch.

This lovely emerald green couch makes a great focal point in this space. Its velvet material adds texture to the room and pops against the crisp white walls. The tropical plants and throw pillows make this room extra stylish and chic.

Green Accent Walls

Bedroom with an olive green accent wall behind the bed and green throw on the bed.

I love this olive green accent wall. It creates a great backdrop for the bed. The matching throw pulls the look together. Olive is a great accent mixed with warm neutrals like ivory, beige, and white.

A small desk area with a bright green accent wall surrounded with white bookshelves.

I adore how fun and playful this shade of green is. This cheerful shade really pops out against all the white shelving. It does a great job framing the white window, too.

A living room with green accent walls with gold decorative mirrors, a bright white sectional, green solid and graphic pillows, and plants.

This green accent wall makes the gold decorative mirrors stand out. The solid green pillows mixed with the green graphic ones add some eclectic flair.

A boho style room with bluish green wall, tropical plant, chair with decorative pillow, and patterned rug.

The combination of this bluish green wall with the large tropical plant is stunning. The plant adds texture into the space, taking this boho-styled room to the next level.

A living room with a neutral colored couch against a green accent wall with framed art above near bookshelf with green interior.

This green accent wall makes an excellent backdrop for the couch. I especially love how the insides of the bookshelves are also green.

A dining room with a rich olive wall and wooden dining set nearby open sliding doors with an outdoor view.

This olive green wall in the dining area contrasts beautifully with the warm rust seat cushions on the Scandanavian style chairs. I love how the rich olive wall creates a seamless transition from the outdoors.

Bathroom with deep olive accent wall with map scroll, medium toned wood floor, aztec rug, and snake plant.

The green accent wall in this bathroom creates a nice focal point and brings attention to the beautiful map scroll. It looks excellent with the wood floors. The snake plant adds another touch of green.

Bathroom with wallpaper patterned with leafy green design and a rug with blue and white stripes.

Another way to add green accents is through green wallpaper. This bathroom wallpaper also covers the biophilic trend with its leaf imagery bringing the feeling of nature inside.

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Green Cabinetry

A kitchen with gray countertops and light green cabinetry with matching green window frames, plate rack, and door.

This light green cabinetry looks amazing against the raw gray material in this fresh kitchen. I love how the color is repeated in the window, plate rack, and door. It creates a cohesive look.

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Green Accent Pieces

Living room with sectional couch and throw pillows in two shades of green.

Another way to implement the green accents trend in your home is by adding green accessories like pillows and throws as pictured above. Mixing different shades of green creates dimension and visual interest.

As you can see, there are many fun ways to implement green accents in your home. From olive to emerald, there’s a shade of green for you.