Back to Black

Black is a classic color that is never going away. It adds drama to the list of top design trends for Spring 2020. It’s back in style and stronger than ever. Experimenting with such a dark color like black may be intimidating, but you shouldn’t let that stop you. It’s a color that can give a room weight and depth. There are many exciting ways to implement a black color scheme you might not have thought of before so let’s dive into this moody color!

Combine Black and Blush

Bedroom with black color scheme: black wall, pink velvet bed, and hunter green bedsheets.

I love this unexpected color palette. The pastel pink bed lightens the mood in the space and its velvet material creates a luxurious feel. The gold details heighten the feeling of luxury and the green keeps the room from looking too feminine.

Small office corner with black and pink two-toned walls, black desk, black shelving, and black pendant light.

How chic is this little office corner? I love the contrast of the two-toned walls. It’s the perfect mixture of light and dark. The simple black pendant light adds an extra touch of style, too.

Add More Drama with Wainscoting

Living room with black wall with molding, green tufted couch, and patterned pillows and rug.

I’m loving all the details in this living space, from the moldings on the black wall to the velvet green tufted couch and all-white chandelier. The patterned pillows and rug add even more character to this stylish room.

Use As An Accent

Industrial style kitchen with a black accent wall, black floor tile, open shelving, white dishes, and bike.

This kitchen achieves a look that is both industrial and moody with the black accent wall and black tile. The open shelving adds dimension and breaks up all the black. The white dishes add contrast and give the kitchen a modern feel.

Scandanavian style room with black color scheme: black accent wall, framed art, white bed with white bedsheets, and light wood flooring.

This black accent wall really shines in this bedroom. It’s high contrast against the light wood floors, surrounding white walls, and bedsheets make it pop. The beautiful abstract artwork with black tones perfect the room’s design.

Open living area with black window and door frames, neutral couch, wood floor, and kitchen island with black pendant lights and barstools.

One way to elevate the look of your home is through black window and door frames. Most window and door frames are white, but black gives them a bolder look. I love how they match with the pendant lights and kitchen island in this open floor plan.

Keep It Moody

Moody room with black color scheme: black fireplace, floral framed art, green plant, and a rich brown leather chair with swan pillow on it.

This room gives off the ultimate moody vibes, while still being romantic and sophisticated. The black fireplace and rich brown leather chair add to the moodiness.

Contemporary style living room with black color scheme: two black pendant lights, black walls, and a taupe sectional sofa.

This living room is so sleek and modern in this contemporary home. The black pendant lights make a bold statement. The natural light coming from the floor to ceiling windows helps brighten up the space. It’s important to make sure a dark room gets sufficient lighting.

Experiment with Patterns

Entryway with black and white striped wall paper, black and white patterned floor, and large gold mirror hanging on wall.

This entryway is such a fun take on the classic black and white color combo. Mixing patterns can be complicated, but it’s easier to do with black and white. The gold framed mirror adds another touch of glamour.

A bathroom with a black color scheme: white with black geometric shower wall.

How stunning is this marble shower wall? It’s double-dipping on the 2020 trends with its geometric chevron design. Black can be an excellent color for shower walls.

Go for Contrast

Black banquette area with white throw pillows, black and white framed photo, black pendant lights, and small wooden table with vase on it.

This banquette is so simple yet so stylish. It’s minimal, yet chic. The wooden table paired with the black and white makes the space feel more laid back. The white pillows give off cozy vibes.

Although black is a color that we can easily take for granted, we can’t underestimate the impact it can have on a space. There are many ways to incorporate a black color scheme into your home design. Adding black can be the quickest way to add drama, create a statement, or elevate your home design. I hope this post inspires you to try using black in unexpected ways.