Spice up Your Kitchen Décor with Geometric Patterns

This year, geometric patterns are back on the trends list in new and unexpected ways, especially in kitchen design. I’ve always been a fan of this trend and appreciate its practicality and simplicity.  Although geometric patterns are simple, they are far from boring. They don’t demand your attention but still manage to grab it in a subtle way. These eye-catching designs can be a fun addition to your old décor.

The Origins of Geometric Patterns in Interior Design

Geometric Patterns were used in architectural and interior design as early as the 1900s by the Greeks and Morrocans. They came back with an even stronger presence during the Art Deco period. This period was very popular in America and Europe in the 1920s and 30s. It was quite the opposite of the Art Nouveau period that preceded, which was minimalist and nature-inspired. Art Nouveau was notorious for intricate and floral designs. In contrast, Art Deco was known for being opulent, functional, and modern. It influenced many aspects of design at the time, from architecture and fashion to interior decorating. 

The Art Deco style was all about making a statement. Bold, strong geometric patterns helped do this with hard angles and symmetry. Designs reflected the innovations in technology and commitment to self-expression which marked the 1920s and 30s. The generous use of gold, steel, and other expensive materials reflected the wealth that new industries were creating. 

Geometric Patterns in Kitchen Design

This trend is growing ever more popular in modern kitchens. Geometric patterns are being used in backsplashes and tile floors. I love how much character geometric patterns can add to a space. They can really elevate a kitchen with a modern blend of style and class. 

Neutral Colors

Kitchen with navy cabinets and backsplash tiles with geometric patterns

Speaking of style and class — how dreamy is this kitchen? The neutral tile design contrasts beautifully with the deep blue cabinetry. The wooden shelves break up the pattern nicely.

Kitchen floor tiles with geometric pattern

I can’t stop staring at this gorgeous tile floor, but how can you blame me? This design is a little more eclectic but pairs well with the simple design of the rest of the kitchen. The neutral color palette keeps the floors from looking too busy.


Backsplash with black hexagon tiles in a white kitchen

Hexagonal geometric patterns are more popular than ever right now. These dark teal tiles with white grout really pop against the crisp white cabinetry. The high-gloss finish makes them extra stylish.

Kitchen backsplash with white hexagon tiles and black grout

Here’s another example of the hexagonal pattern. The black grout makes the tiles stand out and adds visual interest to this all-white kitchen.

Bold and Beautiful

Blue and gray geometric backsplash tile in a neutral toned kitchen

I adore this multi-toned backsplash design. The geometric pattern with contrasting colors makes this kitchen look like a work of art. I love that the cabinetry has mix-matched tones as well. 

Bold geometric patterned tile on a kitchen island with royal blue stools

Check out the boldness of this geometric backsplash design. I especially love how they added a matching tile design inside of the kitchen island. It ties everything together beautifully. How clever!

Large kitchen island with yellow chairs and geometric patterned tiles on the backsplash

This modern kitchen has so much charm. The blue and yellow color palette of this tile design gives off a fun and cheerful vibe. The yellow bar seats bring out the yellow in the tiles and pull the whole kitchen together perfectly.

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Add a Touch of Geometric Design in Your Kitchen

The versatility and boldness of geometric patterns make them a timeless favorite, especially when used in kitchen design. Although timeless, geometric designs are sure to add a modern touch to your décor. If you’re looking for a stylish way to spice up your kitchen décor, I recommend giving this trend a try.