Wood Paneling Is Making a Comeback

Wood paneling used to be a relic of interior design from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Now, it’s back in a whole new way. I love that people are finding fun and creative ways to incorporate wood paneling into their homes. There are so many options, from choosing wood tones, size, and positioning of panels, to painting the wood in whatever color you choose. The possibilities are endless!

Wood Paneling: Then and Now

Wood paneling has a long history. Before the discovery of drywall, wood panels were more of a necessity used to protect walls. It briefly went out of vogue, but it’s definitely back in style now, with some differences. Thinner panels are now more common, and using reclaimed wood for a more sustainable approach is trending.

Here are 10 examples of creative takes on the wood paneling trend that inspired me personally.

Creative modern wood paneling in a nursery

I love the creative placement of the wood panels in this adorable nursery. The pattern is beautiful. This wood-paneled wall is such an eye-catching backdrop for the crib and gives the room dimension. The color chosen to paint the wood contrasts well with the wooden floors. 

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Vertical, dark wood paneling in a living room

This dark wood paneling in this living room is just gorgeous. I love how the paneled wall continues onto the ceiling. It draws the eye upward and makes the space feel larger. The fireplace is centered and features lines perpendicular to the vertical wood paneling, breaking up the space and pattern nicely.

Black wood paneling in a white room

These black wood panels make this living space look incredibly chic. I love how the black pouf and statement lighting match the panels and pull everything together. It also matches the window framing, creating a polished and cohesive look. 

Warm wood paneling as an accent wall in a white room

I love the warmth in this living space. The color palette is so inviting. The rich caramel color of the sectional pairs well with the medium-toned wood. The wood behind the sectional creates a beautiful backdrop. It almost looks like it is one panel, making it appear flawlessly seamless and streamlined. 

Full length wainscoting in white

Here is another creative use of wood paneling. Traditional wainscoting covers only the bottom third or half of a wall, but here, the traditional wainscoting pattern spans the full height. This creates a subtle bedroom accent wall with a fresh, modern vibe. 

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Dark blue wainscoting paired with blue and red wallpaper in a bathroom

Even traditional wainscoting at chair-height can still look a bit more modern in an untraditional paint color. I love how the color pulls out the blue from the wallpaper and matches the door and door frame. 

Vertical wood paneling in a dining room

This wood paneling is more of a classic application. The artwork and decor help modernize it, though.

Dark wood paneling in a living room

This dark cherry wood is exquisite. The panel looks like it’s a single piece, and the grain of the wood is stunning. The dark wood paired with the stylish furniture pieces and art sculpture creates a look that’s classy and sophisticated.

Wood paneling painted navy blue

These wooden panels look amazing in the 2020 Pantone Color of the year. The raw wooden piece at the end of the wall adds texture to the space. The color also makes the art really pop. Such an eclectic design!

Living room with white wood paneling on the walls and natural wood paneling on the ceiling

The variations of the wood in this room make the space visually intriguing. There are three different types of wood paneling that vary in size and color. The ceiling and floor are natural wood colors while the back wall has thinner panels painted white. The tree trunks for tables are a great touch. I wouldn’t mind lounging around in this cozy and rustic space.

With so many ways to incorporate wood paneling into your home, I hope this post has inspired you to give it a try. For even more design inspiration, check out these posts.