Design Trends for Spring 2020

With current events keeping us all inside more than usual, it’s times like these that really make you appreciate the space you call home. If you’re finding yourself in need of a relaxing distraction, here are the design trends you can look to for inspiration and comfort this spring.

Biophilic Design

Example of biophilic design, a trend for Spring 2020, in a modern living room

In today’s world, there is a definite need for the benefits that biophilic design can bring. It’s known to reduce stress, improve mood, cognitive function, and creativity. No wonder it’s trending. Biophilic design is all about mixing elements of human design and nature in a way that doesn’t seem manufactured. It’s likely that growing concerns for climate change and sustainability also led to this trend. Recycled wood, greenery, plants, water, and natural light are examples of ways to incorporate biophilic design. This design creates an organic aesthetic while providing a clean, environmentally friendly home.

Canopy Beds

Blue canopy bed with no draperies

Canopy beds are another one of the design trends I’m excited about this spring. These beds are decorative and add an extra level of visual interest. They make a great anchor in a room. They can be found with or without drapery. A canopy bed without drapery creates a more streamlined look. Draping a couple of pieces of lightweight fabric like sheer or gauzy material can create an elevated, chic look. This room looks incredibly fashionable with the canopy bed paired with brass details and a hanging macrame light.

Geometric Patterns

Kitchen with geometric tile under the counter

Geometric patterns always seem to find their way back into the trends list since symmetry is intrinsically beautiful. Their popularity also comes from their versatility and ability to adapt to many different styles. In 2020, we are seeing it more in unexpected ways like backsplashes and tile designs. If you’re afraid to commit to this trend, you could try wallpapers with geometric patterns since wallpaper is easier to remove than tile. I’m loving the geometric tile design used in this fresh, modern kitchen.

Green Accents

Bedroom with green nightstands

This trend may or may not be connected to the biophilia trend, but green accents are popular right now. Green accents are not just appearing in the form of plants but furniture pieces as well. Since green is one of the most calming colors, it’s a great color to have in any room. It can help your space feel more grounded and bring a sense of hope. I love how the green nightstands really pop against the stark white walls in this bedroom. As an earth tone, it also pairs wonderfully with the wood flooring.

Back to Black

Living room with black walls behind floating shelves

Black is back and not just with its common counterpart, white. It’s now being mixed with other colors and design styles. Adding black into a room can instantly make a room look more stylish. It creates a statement that’s bold and sleek. Black can be added in different textures to create an even more elevated look. The black wood-paneled wall with shelves and the lush blanket make this living space ultra-chic. The black is an unexpected match for the bohemian rug but works together surprisingly well. If you’re inspired to paint some of your walls black, check out these tips on decorating with dark paint colors.

Whether you want to create a calming haven with the biophilic trend or try a bold approach with black, there are so many exciting choices to choose from. I hope these spring design trends have inspired you and provided a small moment of joy during this stressful time.

Be well,

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